Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brunch at New China Pearl

今日はあるレストランを訪れたのですが、しばらく来ない間になんと閉店してしまっていました。仕方がないので近くにあった新龍鳳 (New China Pearl) で飲茶を食べることにしました。ここに来たのもかなり久しぶり。

Today we came to the restaurant where we hadn't visited quite a while, only to find out it was permanently closed...  So instead, we went to New China Pearl nearby for dim sum.

We were seated after a short wait.  Here dishes are pushed around on carts, so we grabbed whatever we wanted to try.  This is the curry-flavored squid. The squid were a bit  mussy - I prefer it to have more texture...

Steamed pork rib - too many bones and too little meat...

We ordered the sticky rice in lotus leave, but did not eat it and took it home (we were too full).  

The pork and duck egg porridge.  This was very lightly flavored.

This was for my husband - beef tripe which I don't like.  But he said this was good.

These are the steamed shrimp and pork balls on shiitake mushrooms.  Nothing special...

The steamed shrimp dumplings.  It had a lot of shrimp meat, but the skin was too thick and fell  apart when I picked it with my chopsticks - disappointing.
韮と海老入りの焼き饅頭。これは私のお気に入りの一品で、どこのお店でも見つけると大概注文します。ここのもまあまあいけます。全体的には、最近の私達のお気に入りの飲茶のお店、溫莎點心美食 (Winsor Dim Sum Café) に比べいまいちですが、お店は広く無料駐車場もあるので便利といえば便利です。まあ当分来ないとは思いますが。

Grilled shrimp and chive dumplings - one of my favorite dim sum dishes.  This restaurant's version was not too bad.  Overall, it is not as good as our recent favorite, Winsor Dim Sum Café.  But this restaurant is very spacious and free parking is available, so it may be convenient for some people.

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