Thursday, September 30, 2010

When Poirot was a little baby (2)

Poirot がまだ赤ちゃんのころは一日の大半を寝てすごしていました。ついさっきまで元気に走り回っていたと思ったら、その30秒後くらいにはもういびきをかいて寝ています。

When Poirot was a puppy, he spent most of his time sleeping.

I did not want to disturb his sleep, but he was too cute no to touch him while he was sleeping...

But once he fell asleep, he did not wake up even when we touched him or made some noise.

We could not take our eyes off from him when he was awake since he was always thinking what he ccould do to surprise mommy and daddy, but he was an angel when he was sleeping (and he still is!).
でもたまに白目をむいて寝ているときもありました(今でもよくあります)。これは不細工でちょと怖いよ、Poirot 君。

But he sometimes slept with his eyes slightly open, showing the whites of his eyes (he still does that often).  You look like a little monster or something, Poirot

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dinner at Toro

今日はなぜか突然スペイン料理が食べたくなったので、South End にある Toro へ行きました。ここはいつもとても多くの人たちで賑わっているのですが、予約を受け付けないので、待たなくてもいいように開店一番の5時に行くことにしました。

Today, I got a sudden crave for Spanish food for no reason, so we went to Toro in South End.  This restaurant is always crowded, but does not accept reservation.  Since we do not like to wait in line, we decided to go as soon as it opened (5 pm; but bar opens at 4:30 pm).  

However, when we arrived at 5:02 pm, 80% of tables were already occupied.  Glad we came early.

Moritz, beer from Barcelona.   According to my husband, its taste was so-so.  I ordered blueberry soda, but it was out of stock and I couldn't taste it.


Pimientos del Padron (Hot green peppers with sea salt).  Some were very spicy, others were not.  Simple but very tasty.


Gambas al Ajillo (Griddled garlic shrimp).  This dish as different from what I was expecting - olive oil based garlic shrimp.  It tasted good actually, but I was a little disappointed as I wanted to eat "normal" garlic shrimp (my husband warned me since he had it before, but of course I ignored him...)

Croquetas de Bacalao (Traditional salt cod fritters with lemon rings).  I love salted cod!  The onion rings on the croquetas were unbelievably sweet and yummy.  I'd order just these rings if it is on the menu!

Maíz Asado con Alioli y Queso Cotija La Especialidad de la Casa (Grilled corn with alioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese).  This dish is very popular at this restaurant and most of people order it.  We also order it whenever we come here.
デザートのチュロス。これはいまいち。チュロスは(たぶん加熱しすぎで)硬くてちょっと焦げている感じ。スペインで食べたのとは比べようもありません。夫はCostco のフードコートにある$1のチュロスのほうがおいしいと言ってました。とほほ。

Churros con Chocolate.  This was not very good.  I think churros was over cooked and hard, and tasted a little bitter (and over-priced).  It can't compete with the ones we had in Spain.  My husband even said that churros served at Costco food court ($1) was better than this.

Lunch at Wrentham Outlet Mall

今日は朝から、Wrentham Outlet Mall へお買い物に行って来ました。来月10日間ほど日本に帰る(夫と Poirot はボストンでお留守番)時用のお土産の調達が目的です。お買い物の途中でおなかがすいたのでお昼ご飯を食べることに。Poirot も一緒なので、外のテーブルで食べられるレストランは Friendly's しかありません。

Today we went to Wrentham Outlet Mall for shopping.  I am going back to Japan for 10 days next month (my husband and Poirot will wait in Boston, though), so I wanted to get some stuff to bring back for souvenir.  We got hungry during shopping, and decided to have lunch.  Since Poirot was with us, we had no choice but eat at Friendly's as only this restaurant had tables outside...

Water and iced tea in the Coke glasses.
いつものように Poirot は興味津々でテーブルの上を覗こうとします。

As always, Poirot was so curious about what was on the table.

Crispy Chicken Salad.

Crispy Chicken Wrap.  Nothing to report about....  But we got enough energy to continue shopping.
甥っ子の服など(プラス自分たちの服や靴なども)を調達できました。Poirot も歩き回ってちょっと疲れたかな?

We got some clothes for my nephews (plus some clothes and shoes for ourselves!).  Poirot got a little tired as he walked around quite a lot.

BBQ Party


Today we were invited to a BBQ party organized by my friend.  Her house is located a little bit far away from Boston, so it has a very big backyard (and front yard).

Lots of foods (chips, salads, etc) on the table.

Desserts and alcohols here.

Main dish was of course BBQ!  Burgers, hot dogs, sausages.  My friend was very good at grilling.  She looked like a professional.

"Can I get something?  Do you have anything to eat?  I can take whatever you have!"

My friend has three Labradors.  These are two of them.  They are very smart and good at playing Frisbee.
Poirot と一緒のところを写真に撮りたかったのですが、どの犬もじっとすることなく走り回っていたので良い写真が撮れませんでした。でも Poirot もみんなと仲良くできたのでよかったよかった。お天気も良く、バーベキューもおいしくて楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。

I wanted to take pictures of Poirot with the other dogs, but it was impossible as they were all excited and never stayed still.  But I was quite happy since Poirot got along well with them.  Nice weather, good foods and lots of fun.  We (including Poirot) had a great time!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dinner at Fuloon Restaurant


Once a month, my husband goes to various restaurants for dinner with his "foodie" colleagues (~10 members).  Tonight's restaurant was Fuloon which I mentioned several times in this blog.   Since we live near-by, I decided to join the dinner.

Minced Crabmeat with Sweet Corn Soup.  But they used imitation crab instead of real crab meat!!!  Cheating!!

Spicy and Sour Nappa Cabbage.  It was spicy, indeed.

Special Fried Rice with Vinegar.  I love vinegar, so I like this fried rice, too.

Crabs with Garlic and Red Pepper.  It takes a lot of efforts to get crab meat out from shell, but you can't stop eating it.

Tea Smoked Duck.  Duck meat was very crispy and not smelly.  I think other people also liked this dish.

Fresh Fish Fillets in Special Hot Sauce.  Boiling oil and enormous amounts of chili peppers in the pot.

After removing peppers, you can find fillets of fish.  Fish was very tender and tasty.

Wok Baked Shrimp and Scallops.  I liked scallops, but did not like the sauce too much.

Steamed Whole Fish.  It was not bad, but not great, either.  It is nice to have many people especially in a Chinese restaurant.  Usually when my husband I go to a Chinese restaurant, we can try only limited numbers of dishes, but tonight we enjoyed many different dishes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Poirot and Football

我が家の裏庭は小学校のグランドに面しています。グランドには基本的に誰でも入れるため、放課後などは近所の親子連れなどがキャッチボールなどをして遊んでいる姿をよく見かけます(Poirot も他に誰もいないときはリードなしで自由に走り回ったりしています)。そのため家の裏庭には野球のボールがフェンスを越えて飛んでくることがよくあります。私たちが家にいれば投げ返していますが、いないときはボールはそのまま庭に放置されているので Poirot の格好の遊び道具になります。

Our backyard is faced to the elementary school's play ground.  Basically anyone can enter the ground (when not in use, of course), so we often see parents and their kids in neighborhood playing baseball after school (Poirot loves to run around in the ground as well).  And as a result, we get many baseballs flying over the fence to our backyard.  When we are at home, we just throw them back to the ground, but if we are not at home, then balls just sit in our backyard and become Poirot's toys.

今日はなんと(ミニサイズの)アメリカンフットボールを裏庭で発見。Poirot は大興奮!

Today we found a football in our backyard.  Poirot got very excited!
このボールは形が楕円形のため、予想もしていないところに転がっていくので、Poirot も追いかけて捕まえるのに必死です。

Because of the oval shape, Poirot could not predict where the ball would go, and he had to work hard to chase the ball and catch it.

But in less than 5 min, he got tired of playing with the ball, and started eating grass.  Poirot, you really have a short attention span...
だからもうボールはいらないのかと思い、取り上げようとすると、足で抑えて(でも芝生は食べながら)阻止します。終いにはあっちに行けといわんばかりにあっかんべ~とされてしまいました。Poirot 君は欲張りで意地悪だね~。

Since he stopped playing with the ball, I tried to take it away from him, but he blocked me by putting his paw on the ball (while still eating grass).  And he sticked out his tough as if he was saying to me to go away!  Poirot, you are so greedy and mean.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So what?


I am sleepy, so what??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dinner at All Seasons Table

今日は、近所に住む友人と夕ご飯を食べる予定だったのですが、友人の都合が悪くなったため、私たち夫婦2人だけで近所のレストラン、All Seasons Table へ行って来ました。

Today we were supposed to go for dinner with our friends who live near us, but they could not make it and thus we just went to a near-by Pan-Asian restaurant, All Seasons Table by ourselves.

This restaurant is always crowded and without reservation, you have to wait for a long time.  So we never had a chance to visit here although we live very close.  But because it was early (6:00 pm) when we arrived today, there were not many people.

This restaurant serves dishes from various countries in Asia.  This is Seafood Scallion Pancake.

I ordered Pork in Malaysian Curry Sauce.  It was not spicy at all, but pork was tender and it was not too bad.

My husband ordered Basil Duck with Chili Thai Style.  It didn't look too appealing, but the taste was OK.

Ice Cream Tempura for dessert.  This was not bad, either.  This restaurant has nice decor and wide space, and their foods are arranged to American styles; so no wonder it is so popular.  But I will not come back too soon...

When Poirot was a little baby (1)

Poirot は今2歳と3ヶ月ですが、小さいときは本当にかわいかったんです(もちろん今でもとってもかわいいのですが)。これは Poirot が家にやって来た最初の日の写真です(生後9週間)。

Poirot, who is 2 years and 3 months old now, was very very cute when he was a little baby (of course he is still cute now!). This picture was taken on the first day he came to our house (9 weeks old).

At that time, he was sleeping most of the day.

He looked like he got lost and wondering where he was...

But once he got used to the new environment, he was curious about everything and anything (maybe more than you wished for)!