Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poirot & Vacuum Cleaner


"What is it?"

"I am scared!! Go away!"

"Why does it make such a big sound? Stop it!"

"Why you put my carrot on this scary thing? You are so mean!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ice Cream Party


In my department at work, we celebrate birthday people once a month. Usually cakes are served, but this month (my birthday month), it was ice cream.  Various kinds of toppings were also available.

I got each of 4 flavors (vanilla, chocolate, mango and blood orange) along with berries and a mini Oreo in a cup made of waffle. I especially liked blood orange sorbet.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brunch at Coppa

今日は South End にある Coppa でブランチ。ここはタパススタイルのイタリアンレストランで、経営者は Toro と同じです。

Today we went to Coppa, a tapas style Italian restaurant in South End for brunch. This restaurant is owned by the same owners as Toro.
今日はとても暑かったのですが、Poirot も一緒なので外で食べなければなりません。

It was very hot today, but since Poirot was with us, we had to eat outside.

The coffee tasted sour. I prefer bitter coffee to sour one.

"Cavolfiori", marinated cauliflower with shallots, thyme and sea salt. This dish was very colorul and good combination of vinegar, coarse sea salt and peperoncino.

"Pulpo Alforno", Wood roasted octopus with salsa verde, and preserved lemon. Octopus was very soft and tasty although it is not cheap ($9).

"Pepe Bianco", white clam pizza with bacon and Vidalia onion. The crust was very crispy, onion was very sweet, and clams gave a good flavor to the white sauce.
本当はもうちょっとゆっくりしたかったのですが、あまりにも暑くて耐えられなくなったので、レストランを出て日陰へ移動。Poirot も暑そう。

We wanted to stay here longer, but it was getting too hot so we left the restaurant and moved across the street under the shade. Poirot felt hot, too.
レストランの向かいには犬専門のブティックがあり、洋服やクッキーなどを売ってます。Poirot も大興奮。

Across the street, we found a dog boutique where they sell dogs' clothes, treats, etc. Poirot got very excited!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gloucester and Rockport

今日はとても良いお天気だったので、ボストンから車で3,40分の所にある Gloucester という所へ行って来ました。

Today we went to Gloucester, ~30 miles north of Boston.
Gloucester はアメリカで最も古い港があるところだそうです。

Gloucester has the America's oldest seaport.
まずは Causeway Restaurant というところでお昼ご飯。残念ながらこのレストランには外にテーブルがないので、テイクアウトにしてもらって、海を眺めながら公園のベンチに座って食べることにしました。メニューはこちらのリンクをクリックしてください。

At first, we ordered lunch at Causeway Restaurant.  They do not have outside tables, so we decided to take out and eat our lunch in the park by the beach. You can see their menu from this link


"Causeway's Combo Baked Scallops, Shrimp and Haddock" came with a baked potato and asparagus.


"Peter Platter", including fried haddock, shrimp, scallops, calamari and clams as well as French fries and cole slaw. Both dishes used very fresh seafood and were tasty. The volume was huge, so we could not finish them.

There were may American flags along the shore.
Poirot も嬉しそうに(石だらけの)ビーチを走り回っていました。

Poirot was happy running on the beach.

He found a friend...
Poirot は水が嫌いなので、海には入りません。

Poirot does not like water, so he won't go into the sea.

But he was very curious about seaweeds.

A dead crab.
カット橋(Cut Bridge)。ふだんは上を車が通る普通の橋なのですが、特定の時間になると、ボートを通すため上がります。

The Cut Bridge. It was built to allow safe passage for boats to and from the Annisquam River.

Many boats were passing the bridge.

We found an ice cream shop when driving.

We ordered ram raisin ice cream and watermelon sorbet.
Poirot もスイカのシャーベットをもらって大喜び。

Poirot was very excited when he got some watermelon sorbet.

There are many beautiful houses along the shore.
Gloucester から車で15分ほど行くと、Rockport という小さくてかわいらしい町があります。

Then we visited Rockport, a little, cute town, ~15 min driving from Gloucester.

We found swans in the sea! I've never seen swans in the sea before.

You can see the water everywhere. I'd like to live by the ocean. But it must be in south as I don't like cold winter in New England...

There are many souvenir shops like this one. Many people were enjoying shopping.

A lobster restaurant.

Colorful kayaks that you can rent.
ちょっと休憩して、Elephant Ear というパイを揚げて砂糖をかけたようなものをたべました。

We took a break and ate "Elephant Ear" a big piece of fried dough coated with sugar.

I wish I owned a boat, too.

We wanted to go to the end. But it was too rocky, so we gave up (you could go, but I was afraid of falling down..).
Poirot も得意気に岩の上に座ってます。

Poirot was proudly siting on a rock.
帰りの車では Poirot はお約束のように爆睡。

As always, Poirot was dead sleeping on the way back home.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dinner at Pho Hoa

今日は家の近所にあるもう1つのベトナムレストラン、Pho Hoa で夕食を食べました。

We went to Pho Hoa, another Vietnamese restaurant near our house for dinner tonight.

This restaurant opened about 3 months ago here, and this is our first visit. This is the chain restaurant, and there are more than 30 shops across US and Canada.

The restaurant is clean and spacious.

This is for the Pho that my husband ordered.

Fresh shrimp spring roll. This was freshly cooked after we placed an order, and was good.

Beef Pho. The soup had a good flavor, and my husband liked it very much (better than the other Vietnamese restaurant in the area).


I ordered "Grilled shrimp, pork and egg roll vermicelli". Vermicelli was ok, but pork was very tender and tasty.

After the dinner, I ordered "Jackfruit shake". I didn't know what Jackfruit was, but according to the google search, it seems to be the one in the picture below.  It tasted similar to sugarcane.