Saturday, July 31, 2010

What are you eating?


Hey, what is it?  What are you eating?

It looks so yummy.  Can I have some, too?

Summer Outing at Kimball Farm

今日は、私の会社主催で、マサチューセッツ州のウエストフォード(Westford)にあるキンボールファーム(Kimball Farm)というところへ。キンボールファームはアイスクリームで有名ですが、ここにはゴルフの打ちっぱなしや、ゴルフコースなどいろいろなアウトドアーアクティビーティーを楽しむことができます。社員とその家族なら誰でも参加できます。

Today we went to Kimball Farm in Westford, MA for the summer outing organized by my employer. Kimball Farm is famous for their ice cream, but it also has a golf course, driving range, batting cage, bumper boats, etc, and you can enjoy various outdoor activities all day long. Anyone who is an employee of our company or his/her family members can join.


First we had our lunch. I chose a cheese burger, corn on the cob, vegetable kebab, and some potato salad.

My husband chose the same menu as mine plus a hot dog.
ビールなどのアルコールもあります。これは Kimball Farm Amber Brew というビールです。

We can also get alcoholic beverages. This is the beer called "Kimball Farm Amber Brew".

Golf range. You can hit as many balls as you want. We both hit more than 100 balls.

They also has a hot air (or gas?) balloon.

After enjoying outdoor activities, ice cream was served! My husband got a scoop of blackberry ice cream.

I chose two flavors, mocha almond and maple walnuts.

You can add different toppings. These are chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

Of course you can get some whipped cream, too!

I only got a little bit of strawberry sauce and pineapple sauce. It was tasty, but I could not finish all... After the ice cream, we played golf again, tried batting cage, etc and spent a great time. Unfortunately Poirot could not join as dogs are not allowed here...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch at Green Papaya

今日のお昼は、会社の人たちと一緒に Green Papaya へ。タイレストランです。

I went for lunch with my colleagues to Green Papaya, a Thai restaurant.

Som-Tum (Shrimp papaya salad).
海老の春巻き(Shrimp in the Blanket)。海老を春巻きの皮で巻いて揚げてあります。

Shrimp in the Blanket. Whole shrimp is wraped in egg roll skins and served with sweet chili sauce.
トムヤムクン(Tom yum goong)。アメリカ人仕様なのか、マイルドな味です。もう少しスパイシーなほうがいいかな。

Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour shrimp soup). It tasted very mild. It was not spicy enough for me.
タイ風シーフード(Siam seafood)。おいしかったのですが、もうこの時点でおなか一杯だったので、食べられなかった分をお持ち帰りにしてもらいました。みんなでばかばかしい話をしながら、とても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。

Siam Seafood (Seafood and vegetables in a mild chili sauce). I ordered extra spicy (but it was not too spicy...). It was good, but I was already too full to finish it all. We talked about a lot of stupid stuffs and had a great time!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poirot & Baseball

Poirot はボール遊びが大好き。いつも、テニスボールを遠くへ投げたり、見えないところに隠したりしても”ボール”と言えば必ず探し出して持ってきます。今日は、朝のお散歩中に野球のボールを見つけ、口にくわえたまま家まで持って帰りました。口、大きすぎるよ。

Poirot loves to play with a ball. He always find his tennis ball when I hide it somewhere and ask him to bring it to me. This morning when I took him a walk, he found a baseball and carried it in his mouth all the way to home. You have such a big mouth, Poirot!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farewell Dinner at JoJo Taipei

今日は、久久台北(JoJo Taipei)で会社の同僚のお別れ会。この同僚はアイリッシュで、内臓や血で固めたソーセージなどを小さい頃から食べなれているらしく、変わった食材を使った中華や台湾料理も大好き

Today we had a small farewell party for one of my colleagues at Jo Jo Taipei, a Taiwanese restaurant.  He is Irish, and is used to eat various offal dishes, blood sausages, etc, so he loves to eat Asian food made from weird (at least for some American people) ingredients.

Wheat Gluten and Mushrooms.

Bitter Melon with Black Bean Sauce.

Xiao Long Bao.  Ummm...  Compared to Din Tai Fung in Taiwan, well, no comparison...

Eggplant with Basil Sauce.

Pancake with Scallion and Roasted Beef.

Pork with Preserved Vegetable.  The meat was so tender and tasty.

Sichuan Pig Intestine with Smelly Tofu Hot Pot. It had solidified pig blood as well.  It was so smelly for me...  But everyone else was enjoying it, saying "It is not smelly enough!"

"Three Cups" Chicken.  It tasted a little bit similar to teriyaki flavor.

Shaved ice topped with Assorted Sweet Beans, COndenced Milk and Brown Sugar Syrup.  We talked a lot had a great time.  This colleage has a very unique personality, and we'll all miss him.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tea Break at Infusion Tea Spa

オールストン(Allston)にある中国系のスーパー、88マーケットに買出しに来たついでに、Infusion Tea Spa でお茶。

We came to Super 88, a Chinese supermarket in Allston, and got some iced tea at Infusion Tea Spa nearby.

Passion fruit tea and,

Popcorn chicken.

Poirot is tired

昨日夜遅くまで歩き回ったからか、今日の Poirot はかなりお疲れの様子。

Today Poirot looked very tired as I believe we were walking around until late at night yesterday.

He was sleeping on the floor,

And sleeping on the chair while almost falling down,

And sleeping compactly.

He was so cute that I was taking many pictures of him, then he looked at me as if saying "Don't disturb me!"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

North End & Quincy Market

日中は暑いので家の中で過ごし、日が傾いてきた午後7時半ごろから North End へおでかけ。North End はボストンにあるイタリア人街で、たくさんのイタリアンレストランやカフェなどがあり、観光名所にもなっています。土曜日なので、車を止める場所があるかどうか心配でしたが、ラッキーなことに開いているスペースを発見。駐車場代を払わなくてすみました。

During the day time, it was too hot to go out, so we stayed home most of the time and went out to North End at around 7:30 pm.  North End is an Italian town in Boston and there are many Italian restaurants and cafes, and is always crowded with tourists.  I was worried abort a parking space as it was Saturday, but luckily we could find a spot on the street.  We didn't have to pay for the parking!

Poirot と一緒なので、入れるレストランはパティオのあるお店に限られてしまいます。今回はあまりおなかもすいていなかったので(イタリア人街なのに)アイリッシュパブ、Goody Glover's で軽く夕食。このビールは Stone Cat Ale Hefeweizen と言う名前で、マサチューセッツのイプスウィッチ(Ipswich)のドラフトビールです。

Since Poirot was with us, we had limited options for restaurants that we could go (only ones with patios).  Since we were not too hungry, we decided to take a light meal at Goody Glover's, an Irish pub (in the Italian town!).

It's getting dark.
Poirot はちょっとお疲れの様子。

Poirot looked a little bit tired.

Mussels in white wine and garlic sauce.  Mussels did not seem very fresh... There were a quite few shells that were not open.

Bread came with mussels.  It was tasty with the sauce from mussels.

Three kinds of sausages and vegetables.  Came with two different mustard and pita bread.

Fried sweet potatoes.  Potatoes were sweet and not bud, but not crispy enough.  All these dishes were appetizer, but were big portions.
食事が終わった頃にはもうすっかり暗くなってしまいました。この後、North End の中心部に行ったのですが、すごい数の観光客であふれかえっていて、歩くのも大変だったので、すぐに退散。

It was totally dark by the time we finished our dinner.  After the dinner, we went to the center part of North End, but there were so many tourists on the streets and it was difficult to walk, so we left there quickly.
その後、てくてくと歩いて Long Wharf まで。港にはたくさんのクルーズ船が停泊していました。これは港のほうから見た Custom House Tower。

We then walked to Long Wharf.  We saw lots of cruise ships docked in the wharf.
その後、クインシーマーケット(Quincy Market)へ。10時を回ってもまだたくさんの観光客が歩いていました。

We further walked to Quincy Market.  It was already after 10 pm, but still many people were walikng around.

Most of the shops in Quincy Market were already closed, but this ice cream shop was open, so we got a soft serve.

It had a strong milk flavor and was very good, but very expensive (nearly $7)!
またてくてくと歩いて North End まで戻ってきました。

Then we finally came back to North End.
たくさん歩き回って、帰宅したのは12時前でした。Poirot も歩き疲れたみたいです。

We arrived home after midnight.  Poirot walked a lot as well, and looked very tired.