Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brunch at Chung Shin Yuan

今日は久しぶりに中興園 (Chung Shin Yuan) にブランチを食べにやって来ました。まずはとりあえず甜豆漿 (甘い豆乳)。

Today we came to Chung Shin Yuan for brunch.  This restaurant serve Taiwanese breakfast on weekends.  We started with the sweet soy milk.

We dipped the fried dough into the soy milk and ate it.  Yum.
私の大好物、干絲&海帶絲 (お豆腐を細切りにしたサラダと海草サラダ)。毎回絶対注文します。

My two favorite dishes, the soybean noodle salad and seaweed salad.  I have to order these two every time I come here.
蘿蔔糕 (大根餅)。よく飲茶のお店で出てくる香港風の大根餅とはちょっと違いますが、この台湾風のもなかなかいけます。

The pan fried white turnip cakes.  This is slightly different from the Hong Kong style turnip cakes, but the Taiwanese style is not bad at all.
これは今回初めて注文した生煎包 (焼いた肉まん見たいなもの)。おいしいですが1つ食べたらおなかいっぱいになってしまいます。

These are the pan-fried buns stuffed with pork.  This was the first time we ordered this dish.  It was good, but after I ate just one, I felt very full....

肌卷 (豚ひき肉を湯葉でまいたもの)。

The minced pork wrapped in soybean skin.
そしてやっぱり大好物の牛肉焼餅 (パイ生地のようなものにローストビーフが挟まったもの)。いつ食べてもやっぱりおいしい~!

And this is also my favorite, the shao-bing with five spiced beef sandwich.  It was very tasty as always.

And for the dessert, we shared the tofu pudding.  We ordered too much (we always order too much at this restaurant), so we took the leftover to go and ate it for dinner.

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