Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brunch at Myers + Chang

今日は急に Myers + Chang のブランチが食べたくなって、South End までやって来ました。

Today I got sudden crave for the brunch menu at Myers + Chang, so we came to South End.

The fried egg banh mi  with sweet soy glazed bacon.  We really liked this dish when we came here last time, and really liked it, so we ordered it again.  It was still very good!

We also always order this dish, crispy pork belly bun.  Yum!

The green papaya slaw.  It was very refreshing (but quite spicy!) and I loved it.

The crispy salt+pepper calamari and jalapenos.  This dish was better than I expected.  The spicy mayo (?) was a very good match with the calamari.


We ordered this dish first time - the tea smoked ribs.  Wow, this was soooo good.  The meat was smokey, tender and flavorful.  I'll definitely order this next time! 

For the dessert, we shared the lemon-ginger mousse coupe with homemade fortune cookie.  This was just OK.  We'll skip desserts next time.
食後はいつものように近くにあるドッグパークへ! 今日の Poirot 君はいつもよりかは社交的。ほかの犬たちと楽しそうに遊んでました。

After the brunch, we went to the dog park nearby as always.  Today Poirot was more social than usual, and enjoyed playing with other dogs!

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