Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunch at Thmor Da

Thmor Da は Revere にある私達のお気に入りのカンボジアンレストラン。安くておいしいので最近はしょっちゅう来ています。今回はここ何回かの訪問で食べたものを一挙大公開 (と言う程でもないですが)。

We like the Cambodian restaurant, Thmor Da, in Revere and visit there often.  They serve very tasty dishes at reasonable prices.  Here are the dishes that we had at our last few visits.


Cambodian style egg rolls.  These are Cambodian style egg rolls. They are much smaller than Chinese egg rolls and the skin is very crunch.
"トラの涙" という名前のビーフサラダ。かなりスパイシーですが病み付きになる味です。

The beef salad called “Tiger tear”.  It’s quiet spicy but I can’t stop eating it.
こちらはイカのサラダ。"トラの涙" と似た感じですが、辛さは控えめでちょっと甘めの味付け。カンボジアの魚醤、トゥック・トレイが効いています。

This is the squid salad. It’s kind of similar to Tiger tear, but is less spicy and slightly sweet.  And the fermented fish sauce adds the nice flavor to it.

This is the must-order item for my husband, special Thmor Da rice noodle soup.  It’s similar to Vietnamese noodle soup (pho), but tastes slightly different (difficult to explain the difference, though).

This is the special chow foon with beef and seafood.  This is obviously introduced from China, so it looks and tastes similar to Chinese chow foon, but again, it’s different….
ポークチョップのライスプレート。お肉は見た目は硬そうに見えますが実は柔らかくて味付けもほんのり甘くておいしいんです! お肉の下にはきゅうりやキャベツなどのサラダが隠れています。

This is also one of my husband’s favorites, the pork chop with steamed rice.  The meat looks hard but it actually is tender and I like it’s flavor – slightly sweet.

This is the spice beef with steamed rice.  I don’t know if it is arranged to American people’s taste, but I prefer it spicier.  Next time, I’ll ask it spicier.
レストランはビーチのすぐ近く。一番最近訪れた日はボストンの冬とはお思えぬほど暖かかったので、Poirot と一緒にお散歩に行ってみました。

The restaurant is located very close to Revere Beach.  After our most recent visit when it was extremely warm for winter in Boston, we walked the beach with Poirot.
海岸にはたくさんの貝殻があって、Poirot は興味津々。

Poirot was very curious about shells on the beach.
閉じた貝を何とかこじ開けようと (そしてあわよくば貝の身を食べようと?) 必死でがんばってましたが無理でした。

He tried so hard to open one of the shells (I guess he wanted to eat the meat inside), but he couldn’t…
貝をこじ開けようとしている Poirot を無視してどんどん歩いていくと、ふと我に返って私達がいない事に気付いた Poirot は大急ぎで走って私達の所までやってきました。このあせった顔が笑えます。

While Poirot was trying to open the shell, we kept walking.  After a long time, he noticed that we weren’t around, and ran like crazy to catch up.  It was funny to see him surprised and upset!

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