Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dinner at Highland Kitchen

今日は久しぶりにお気に入りのレストラン、Highland Kitchen へやって来ました! 混雑を避けるためいつも早めに来るのですが私たちが帰るころには大概いつも満席です。

Tonight we came to one of our favorite restaurants in Boston, Highland Kitchen for dinner.  It's been a while since we came last time.  We usually come here early to avoid the crowds, but by the time we leave, the restaurant is almost always full.

I think they buy bread from somewhere, but it is not bad.

The fried oysters.  Oysters were relatively small, but were fried perfectly - very crunchy but light and not oily at all.
シーザーサラダ。アンチョビが乗っていて、アンチョビ大好きな私にはうれしい! ドレッシング (手作り?) もあっさり目で量も控えめなので食べやすいです。

The Caesar salad.  It had anchovy, which I love!  The dressing was also light and tasty.

I ordered the spicy jambalaya with duck confit.  It came with lots of shrimp, duck meat, ham, etc.  It was indeed spicy (but good).

My husband ordered the shrimp & grits.  I also like this dish very much, and we often order it here.

And at the end, a scoop of coffee and raspberry ice cream.  Whenever we come here, everything is very tasty (and their service is very nice, too) and we really like this restaurant. 

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