Friday, January 20, 2012

Dinner at East Ocean City

今年は1月23日が旧正月。台湾人の夫にとっては重要な祝日です。そこで今日はちょっと早めのお祝いということで、チャイナタウンにある私たちの大好きなレストラン、East Ocean City へやってきました。

This year, January 23rd is the Chinese New Year.  For my husband who is Taiwanese, this is the very important holiday.  So we went to East Ocean City, our favorite restaurant in China Town, to celebrate the year of dragon.
このお店には水槽にいる生きたままのお魚を注文ごとに調理してくれます。こちらは私たちが注文した海老、1パウンド (約450g)。

At this restaurant, you can order live fish in the water tanks and they cook it for you in the kitchen.   These are the shrimp (1 lb) that we ordered.
そしてもう一つ、ダンジェネスクラブ (アメリカイチョウ蟹)。

And we also ordered a Dungeness crab.

And these are the shrimp after cooked.  They were simply steamed and we ate them with the special sauce.  They were so good and my husband and I were very concentrating on removing shells and eating them non-stop.

This is my favorite soup, the minced beef soup.

And this is the steamed Dungeness crab with ginger & scallion.

It actually had a lot of meat and was very tasty as always.  By the way, my husband cracked shells and took out meat for me so that I could enjoy it without my hands getting dirty.  What a nice husband!
蒸したカナダ産の牡蠣のブラックビーンソース (左) と葱・生姜のソース (右)。牡蠣はかなり大振り。

The steamed oyster from Canada with ginger & scallion (right) and black bean sauce (left). These oysters were huge.

The fried boneless duck with taro.  The duck meat was covered with mushed taro, topped with bread crumbs and grilled in the oven.

I am not a big fan of duck, so I ate only taro...

The fried rice with salty dried fish and chicken.
最後にサービスで出てくるタピオカ入りの温かいスープ。あ~、ここのお料理はやっぱりおいしい! ちょっと値段は高いですがお正月のお祝い気分に浸れました~。

And at the end, tapioca in sweet soup was served (for free).  I love all the dishes at this restaurant!  It is not cheap, but it was a special occasion to cerebrate Chinese New Year and it was worth it!

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