Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dinner at Highland Kitchen

今夜は私たちのお気に入りのレストラン、Highland Kitchen へやって来ました。

Tonight we came to one of our favorite restaurants, Highland Kitchen, for dinner.

It's very popular and always crowded, so we came early (~6 pm), but ~80% of seats were already occupied.

First we ordered the buffalo fried Brussel sprouts.  It was spicy and good with beer.

And we also ordered one of today's special, the fried soft-shell crab.  It came with lots of greens and some other vegetables.  The crab was crunch and tasty.

My husband chose the veal Milanese, which was also today's special.  The meat was as big as his face!  Again, it came with lots of veggies (potatoes, mushrooms, etc) under the meat.
私はローストチキンにしました。これもまたボリュームたっぷり。こちらの付け合せはサツマイモのハッシュと菜の花 (に似た野菜) のソテー。こチキンは表面はぱりっとクリスピーで中はとってもジューシー。!夫は自分注文したお料理よりもこっちのチキンのほうがおいしいといってました。ここはほんとに何を食べてもはずれがないので安心して何でも頼めます。

I ordered the pan-roasted boneless chicken with sweet potato hash, broccoli rabe and herb gravy.  This was huge, too.  The chicken was tender and juicy inside and crispy outside - very good.  My husband preferred this to his veal.  Everything on the menu is very good and I can always rely on their food.

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