Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dinner at Tenoch Mexican Grill

今日は数ヶ月前に家の近所にオープンしたメキシカンのお店、Tenoch Mexican Grill にやって来ました。セルフサービスの、小さなお店です。

Today we visited Tenoch Mexican Grill, a Mexican restaurant that was opened several months ago near our home.  It's a tiny, fast-food style joint (but it is not so fast as most of things are cooked to order)..


First we ordered tortilla chips and salsa.  The chips came in a big paper bag (the chips in this pic are only small portion of the entire bag) - we took the leftover home as we couldn't finish them all.
これは今日のスペシャルの一つ、ポーク、豆、アボカド、ラッディッシュそしてレッドチリなどがたっぷり入った Pozole Rojoというスープ。このスープ、ちょっと辛くておいしい!

This was one of today's specials, Pozole Rojo, Mexican soup with pork, beans, avocado, shredded cabbage, radish, red chili, etc.  I've never had this before, but it was quite good.

This was also today's special, tilapia con guacamolillo sauce, with sauteed peppers and avocado.

The dish came with tortillas, so we wrapped the fish and other stuff with it and ate it.  The fish was flavored with spices, and it was surprisingly good  - I liked the guacamole sauce as well.
これはトルタというメキシコのサンドイッチで、具はチキン、ポーク、ビーフ、チョリソー、野菜の中から選べます。これはビーフのtorta。中にはブラックビーンのペースト、トマト、レタス、アボカド、玉葱のピクルス、チポーレマヨネーズ、そしてメキシコのチーズ (queso Oaxaca) が入っています。一口食べるといろいろなフレーバーが口の中でミックスされて何とも言えないおいしさ!チーズがまたモッツァレラみたいにびよーんと伸びていい感じ! どれもみんなおいしかったし、家からも近く、またいつも行く日本食のスーパーマーケットのすぐ向かいにあり便利なので是非また食べに訪れたいです。お店はとても繁盛しているようでした。

This is the torta (Mexican sandwitch) with beef (you can choose  chicken, carnitas, beef, chorizo, or vegetables) along with black bean spread, slices of tomato, fresh avocado, pickled onion, chipotle mayo,  and queso Oaxaca (grilled on a panini press).  I took one bite, and flavors from all these different ingredients burst into my mouth!  Queso Oaxaca was stringy like mozzarella and I liked it.  Everything we had were very tasty and different from typical Mexican food in Boston (we don't have very good Mexican restaurants here), and the restaurant is conveniently located for us (very close to our home and also just across the street from a Japanese supermarket we frequent).  We'll definitely come back to try more.

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