Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brunch at East by Northeast

今日はケンブリッジにある East by Northeast へブランチを食べに来ました。以前一度夕食に来たことがあるのですが、夫があまり気に入らなかったのでそれ以来訪れてなかったのですが、ブランチなら大丈夫かなということで今回再挑戦してみました。

Today we came to East by Northeast inCambridge for brunch.  We visited here once for dinner a long time ago, but my husband didn't like it very much and hadn't come back since..  But I thought the brunch would be a low risk, so we gave it a try again.

First we ordered the scallion pancake sandwich with a fried egg, house cured ham and peppercorn sauce - I liked this dish a lot.  The sauce was a bit spicy and matched well with the sandwich.

This is the creamy pork gravy, mantou bread croutons, and a poached egg.  It was different than what I expected - the croutons were just like normal croutons (I couldn't tell they were made from mantou bread).
お次は豚肉、海老、玉葱入りの焼売。 焼売 自体は特別おいしくはありませんでしたが、にんじんのソースがちょっぴり甘くておいしい。

Then we ordered the pork, shrimp, and spring onion shaomai with carrot ginger puree and black vinegar reduction.  The shaomai itself was nothing special but I liked the carrot puree (slightly sweet) a lot.

Thick-cut noodles with grilled king oyster mushrooms, poached egg, kohlrabi and poached egg in spiced vegetable broth.  The noodles were just OK (I prefer more chewy texture), the mushroom was nicely charred and the broth was tasty.
食後に胡麻をまぶしたキャラメルが出てきました。やっぱり夫にとってはいまいちだったよう。彼にとっては中華料理というイメージがどうしても抜けないので、その割に値段が高めと言うことも気に入らない理由の一つのようです 。でもいい素材を使って全部手作りでやっているのでしょうがないとは思うんですけどね。

After the meal caramels coated with sesames were served.  My husband still didn't like it very much.  One of the reasons could be relatively high prices (to him, this is the Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant and he couldn't help but comparing it to real Chinese restaurants where of course you can get much more food at much cheaper price).  To me the high prices are understandable as I know they use very fresh and local/organic ingredients and everything is house-made.  But I don't think I can convince him to come back here sometime soon...

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