Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring in Boston

この日はすごく良いお天気で気温も30℃近くまで上がりました。ボストンで4月中旬にこんなに暖かく (というか暑く) なるなんて信じられませんが、寒いよりは暖かいほうがもちろんうれしいので、早速 Poirot を連れてお散歩にやってきました。

It was a beautiful, unusually warm (~90 °F) day in Boston.  To take advantage of it, we came out of our house and took a walk with Poirot.
まずやって来たのは Public Garden 。やっぱりたくさんの人たちで賑わってます。

First we visited the Boston Public Garden.

Many people were enjoying this beautify weather.

I don't know why but the duck statues (constructed based on the famous picture book, "Make Way for Ducklings") were wearing masks and mantles...  Was there any meaning for these costumes?
寒いのが苦手で (暑いのも苦手ですが) 冬の間はあまり外に出なかった Poirot 君も今日はうれしそう。

Poirot doesn't like cold (and hot) weather, so he didn't go out much during winter.  He looked very happy to finally get out of the house and walk around.
その後、公園を通り抜けて2日後に迫ったボストンマラソンのゴール地点へ向かいました。あたりではマラソンにちなんだいろいろなイベントが催されていました。New Balance の靴屋さんの前には New Balance のランニングシューズの着ぐるみが! 中に入ってたのは若いお姉さんでした。暑そ~。

Then we walked to the goal line for the Boston marathon (which was going to be held in 2 days).  Near the goal area many events were on-going.  In front of a New Balance shoe shop, we found a New Balance running shoe mascot costume and saw a young lady inside the shoe she must've felt sooo hot in there.
ここがマラソンのフィニッシュライン。Poirot もフィニッシュラインを超えてゴール!

This is the finish line for the marathon.  Poirot crossed the line, too!
さらにあちこち歩き回って、暑さでばててしまった Poirot は道の真ん中で急に立ち止まってそれ以上歩くのを拒否! 引っ張っても動きません。仕方がないので夫が抱え上げたとたん目を閉じてしまいました…。道行く人たちにも笑われてました。

We continued to walk (a lot), and Poirot got so tired that he just stopped on the middle of the street  and refused to walk any longer (we pulled him, tried to bribe him with cookies, etc, but nothing worked).  Eventually my husband gave up and carried him in his arm.
私達も疲れたので途中にあったベンチで休憩したのですが、ベンチの上でもぐったりしたままの Poirot。ちょっと運動不足ぎみなんちゃう?

We took a break on a bench, and Poirot just lay down on it.  I think he needs more exercise!

On the way home, he sat in the car, and was half sleeping with his eyes slightly open…  I guess he was totally exhausted..

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