Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brunch at Myers + Chang

今日は久しぶりに South End にあるドッグパークへやって来ました。

Today we came to the dog park in South End - it's been a quite long time since we came here last time.
でも Poirot 君は相変わらず非社交的。

Poirot was as always anti-social, though.

He prefers being with us to playing with other dogs.

But pugs are the exception.  I believe he can recognize they are the same kind, and he always goes to and plays with them.  He liked this puppy pug very much and they played hard!
公園で楽しい時間を過ごした後は、すぐ近くにある Myers + Chang へブランチを食べに行きました。ここに来るのも久しぶり。

After spending a good time in the park, we went to the nearby restaurant, Myers + Chang, for brunch. We haven't visited here for a while, either.
お店の外にもテーブルがあるので Poirot 君も一緒にいることができます。

Several seats were available outside, so Poirot could enjoy the brunch (though he did not get our food) with us.
テーブルの下に潜り込んで、そこから真剣な眼差しで外を見つめる Poirot 君。いったい何を見ているのでしょうか?

He went under the table, and staring at something very seriously.  I wonder what he was looking at...

Hakka eggplant.  It was sweet ans salty (similar to teriyaki flavor).  But basil gave a good accent to the dish.

Sweet soy prawns.  We ate the entire prawns including heads and shells.  In fact they were very crispy and goods.

Coal-black chicken wings with housemade sriracha.

見てのとおり真っ黒です。かかっているオレンジ色のソース (自家製スリラチャソース) がかなり辛いのですが、チキンはジューシーで味が良くしみこんでいて病み付きになります。

They were so black.  The sriracha sauce was very, very spicy but the wings had very good, smokey flavor.

Fried egg banh mi with sweet soy glazed bacon.  This is the unusual combination, but the bacon was crispy, egg yolk was still runny, and they unexpectedly matched very well with the Vietnamese sauce.  We both loved it very much.

This is also our favorite, crispy pork belly bun.  The pork was very crunchy.
Poirot 君はいつものようににテーブルの下から物欲しげに私達のほうを見つめていました。

Poirot was watching us eating as usual, hoping to score some of our food - he is so predictable!

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