Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dinner at Catalyst

今日はケンブリッジに昨年オープンした Catalyst へ夕食を食べにやってきました。夫の会社のすぐ近くなのですが、来るのは今日が初めてだそうです。

Today we came to Catalyst, which opened last year in Cambridge, for dinner.  It is located very close to where my husband works, but this was the first time for him (and to me) to visit here.

The interior was very simple and relatively spacious, so I felt very comfortable.

The bread was ordinary and nothing special.
夫はナンタケット島産のビール、Sankaty Lager (Cisco Brewers) を飲んでました。

My husband drank Sankaty Lager (Cisco Brewers) from Nantucket.
あまりおなかがすいてなかったので前菜は鶉のフライ (グリル?) を二人で分けました。表面がカリカリしていて、甘いジャムとも好相性でおいしかったです (かなり小さかったですが)。

Since we weren't too hungry, we shared the appetizer, the crispy quail with black mission fig, gastique, mizuna, and autumn berry jam.  It was very crispy (as the name suggested) and a good match with the sweet jam.  I liked it (although it was small).


I ordered the roasted blue cod for the main dish.  The fish was undercooked inside even to my taste (and I hate overcooked fish) - I preferred it a tad more cooked..  But the fish matched very well with the creamy and rich chowder sauce (containing mussels, clams, bacon and potatoes).


My husband chose the cider glazed Berkshire pork chop with mustard spaetzle, sauerkraut and Cortland apple pure.  The meat was very thick and big.  The meat was slightly dry but tender and not too bad.

For the dessert, we shared the pear-almond financier with house made crème fraiche ice cream and candied almonds.  This was nothing to write home about.  Overall, it good, but not amazing.  At this price point, I can find better restaurants.  I may come back for lunch or brunch in the future...

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