Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lazy Poirot

寒いのが苦手な Poirot 君は最近あまり外に出たがらず運動不足気味。そこで今日は家の近所をお散歩することにしました。始めのうちは快調に歩いていたのですが...

Poirot doesn't like cold weather, and thus he doesn't want to go out these days.  I thought he needed some exercises, so we took a long walk around our neighborhood.  At the beginning, Poirot was very exited and walked very fast, but....
3~4 km ほど歩いて、後少しで家に帰り着くというところで "もうこれ以上歩きたくない!" とでも言うように道端に座り込んで動かなくなってしまいました。しょうがないので夫が抱きかかえて歩き始めると、とっても眠そうな顔になってきました。

After we walked for ~3 miles and when we almost arrived home, he sat down on the street and refused to walk any longer...  So my husband had to carry him in his arm.  Poirot looked so sleepy...

What a face!

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