Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinner at Highland Kitchen

今日は夕食を食べに Highland Kitchen へやって来ました。私達のお気に入りのレストランで、とっても人気のお店なのでちょっと早めの6時半前に来たのですが、もう既に満席で少し待たないといけませんでした。

Tonight we came to Highland Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants in the Boston area, for dinner.  It is always crowded, so we arrived early (~6:30 pm) but all tables was already totally occupied and we had to wait awhile.
夫は Narragansett というビールを注文。

My husband ordered Narragansett.
これはバッファローウィングの芽キャベツバージョン。チキンの代わりに芽キャベツを揚げてバッファローソースで味付けしてあるのですが、これがなかなかおいしいんです。ビールに良く合います (飲んでないけど)。

This is the "buffalo fried Brussel sprouts" - Brussel sprouts version of buffalo wings.   Brussel sprouts and buffalo sauce are an unusual combination, but we both liked this dish (good with beer).

The crispy pork belly.  It was really crispy, not fatty at all, and tasted very good as well.

The fried clams.  Clams were very big and had very rich, creamy flavors.

The blackened catfish po'boy.  The fish was quite spicy and the portion was very big.  Whenever we visit, whatever we order, they always serve very good food at reasonable prices.  We always leave here happily.

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