Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch at Daily Catch

今日は無性にパスタが食べたくなって、North End の Daily Catch にやって来ました。お店のウェブサイトには11時開店と書いてあったので11時ちょうどに行ったら、実は開店は12時。仕方がないので向かいの Caffe Vittoria で時間をつぶすことに。ウェブサイトにはちゃんと正しい情報を書いてほしいと思います!

Today I got a craving for pasta, and we came to Daily Catch in North End.  Their website says it opens at 11 am, so we arrived at on time, but actually it opens at noon and we had to kill one hour at Caffe Vittoria, just across from the restaurant.  They should correct errors on their website!!

I ordered latte.

And my husband ordered cappuccino.  And I couldn't resist ordering Napoletane (although we would eat lunch soon)...
その後12時になったので、再びお店へ。ここのメニューは黒板に書いてあります。メニューは以前来たとき (4~5 年前?) からほとんどというか全く変わってないと思います。

At noon, we came to the restaurant again.  The menu is on the blackboard.  I don't think it hasn't changed since we came here last time (which is 4~5 years ago).

The bread did not look appealing, but was not too bad.
イカのスキャンピ (にんにく・バターなどの入ったソースと一緒に炒めたもの)。イカは柔らかく、にんにくたっぷりでおいしい!

The calamari scampi.  The calamari was tender and  the garlic-y, buttery sauce was very good.

This is the calamari and clam pasta (white sauce).  It was served in a pan.

And this is the squid ink pasta with ground squid, garlic and olive oil - a very big portion.  In my imagination, pasta dishes at this restaurant were very good, but were not as good as expected...  It was not bad, but just not great.  Well, we are not in a hurry to come back here...

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