Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trip to Spain Day 3 (3)(Sevilla)

午後からは、てくてくと歩いてマエストランサ闘牛場 (Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla) へ行ってきました。残念ながら私たちが訪れたときはシーズンではなかったため、実際の闘牛を見ることはできませんでしたが、中を見学することはできました (30分か1時間ごとにガイド付きのツアーがあります)。

In the afternoo, we walked to the Maestranza bullring (Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla).  Unfortunately we could not watch bullfighting due to the off-season, but we could get inside and make a guided tour (every half hour or one hour a guided tour is offered).
闘牛場の外側にある、セビーリャの有名闘牛士、Curro Romero の銅像。

The statue of the famous Seville bullfighter,  Curro Romero , standing outside the bullring.  

The outside walls are painted in white and yellow - matches very well with the blue sky.  The walls are re-painted every year.
このドアは日陰席 (sombra) 用。日陰席は日向席 (sol) よりも割高だそうです。涼しいし,眩しくないからやっぱり日陰がいいですよね。

This door is to the seats in the shade (sombra).  The seats in the shades are more expensive than the seats in the sun.  It makes sense as I prefer sit in the cool, non-dazzling seat.

At the entrance (the ticket counter for the tour), of course a head of a bull is hanging on the wall.

We first got inside the bullring.  The theater box above this gate is reserved for the Spanish Royal Family.

The arena is really big.

There are 12500 seats in this bullring.  It must be so exciting when all the seats are occupied by funs.
闘牛場の座席は3層に分けられていて、tendido というのは前方の座席です。

The bullring is divided into three different layers of seating and tendido is the front row seating.  The other two are grada (the stand seating) and andanada (the grandstand seating).  Each section of seating is respectively further away from the arena and with less comfortable seating.

The museum is also in the same space, and we could is also in the same space, and we could look around the various exhibitions related to bullfighting.

A statue of a bull fighter. 

What is the meaning of this statue? It is kind of scary....

It was already dark when we got out the bullring.

The bridge over the Guadalquivir River was illuminated.

We walked a lot and enjoyed every piece of things we saw.  It was a very fruitful day today!  But we were not done yet!  To be continued...

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