Friday, November 21, 2008

Trip to Spain Days 1 & 2 (Amsterdam, Madrid)


During the Thanksgiving holidays, we went to Spain for 10 days.  In this trip, we spent our time mostly in the Andalusia area which I had been longing for visiting.
ボストンからは KLM に乗って、まずはアムステルダムのスキポール空港に到着。早くもクリスマスの飾りつけがされていました。

We took a KLM flight from Boston to the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.  The Schiphol Airport was decorated with Christmas decorations.

Among the major European airports, the Schiphol is one of my favorite airports.  The terminals are very simple and there are many facilities you can enjoy even if you have to kill a lot of time for a connecting flight.  This is the wine bar in the terminal.

This was the plane we took to Madrid.

We are getting close!

After checking in to our hotel, we just walked around the city.  The main purpose for this trip was to visit the Andalusia area, so we did not do much research about Madrid...

A round building.

From the window of this round building, a skeleton was looking at us...

A statue of bear eating honey from the bee hive.

Museo del Jamón (ハム博物館) という名前のハム屋さん+バー。すごい数の生ハムが天井からぶら下がっている様は圧巻で、まさに博物館という感じ?

Museo del Jamón.  They sell various kinds of hams and also has the bar where you can drink beer and eat their ham.

We ordered beer, Serrano ham, fried fish, etc.  The ham (and beer, too!) was very cheap and tasty.

And of course churros con chocolate!  This chocolate was not very sweet and very rich.  During this trip we tried churros con chocolate many times at the various cafes.  Each shop served churros con chocolate that was slightly different in the taste and texture.  We enjoyed them all!

Very "European-like" street.

I think desserts in Spain are more simple and plain than those in France.

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