Saturday, July 24, 2010

North End & Quincy Market

日中は暑いので家の中で過ごし、日が傾いてきた午後7時半ごろから North End へおでかけ。North End はボストンにあるイタリア人街で、たくさんのイタリアンレストランやカフェなどがあり、観光名所にもなっています。土曜日なので、車を止める場所があるかどうか心配でしたが、ラッキーなことに開いているスペースを発見。駐車場代を払わなくてすみました。

During the day time, it was too hot to go out, so we stayed home most of the time and went out to North End at around 7:30 pm.  North End is an Italian town in Boston and there are many Italian restaurants and cafes, and is always crowded with tourists.  I was worried abort a parking space as it was Saturday, but luckily we could find a spot on the street.  We didn't have to pay for the parking!

Poirot と一緒なので、入れるレストランはパティオのあるお店に限られてしまいます。今回はあまりおなかもすいていなかったので(イタリア人街なのに)アイリッシュパブ、Goody Glover's で軽く夕食。このビールは Stone Cat Ale Hefeweizen と言う名前で、マサチューセッツのイプスウィッチ(Ipswich)のドラフトビールです。

Since Poirot was with us, we had limited options for restaurants that we could go (only ones with patios).  Since we were not too hungry, we decided to take a light meal at Goody Glover's, an Irish pub (in the Italian town!).

It's getting dark.
Poirot はちょっとお疲れの様子。

Poirot looked a little bit tired.

Mussels in white wine and garlic sauce.  Mussels did not seem very fresh... There were a quite few shells that were not open.

Bread came with mussels.  It was tasty with the sauce from mussels.

Three kinds of sausages and vegetables.  Came with two different mustard and pita bread.

Fried sweet potatoes.  Potatoes were sweet and not bud, but not crispy enough.  All these dishes were appetizer, but were big portions.
食事が終わった頃にはもうすっかり暗くなってしまいました。この後、North End の中心部に行ったのですが、すごい数の観光客であふれかえっていて、歩くのも大変だったので、すぐに退散。

It was totally dark by the time we finished our dinner.  After the dinner, we went to the center part of North End, but there were so many tourists on the streets and it was difficult to walk, so we left there quickly.
その後、てくてくと歩いて Long Wharf まで。港にはたくさんのクルーズ船が停泊していました。これは港のほうから見た Custom House Tower。

We then walked to Long Wharf.  We saw lots of cruise ships docked in the wharf.
その後、クインシーマーケット(Quincy Market)へ。10時を回ってもまだたくさんの観光客が歩いていました。

We further walked to Quincy Market.  It was already after 10 pm, but still many people were walikng around.

Most of the shops in Quincy Market were already closed, but this ice cream shop was open, so we got a soft serve.

It had a strong milk flavor and was very good, but very expensive (nearly $7)!
またてくてくと歩いて North End まで戻ってきました。

Then we finally came back to North End.
たくさん歩き回って、帰宅したのは12時前でした。Poirot も歩き疲れたみたいです。

We arrived home after midnight.  Poirot walked a lot as well, and looked very tired.

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  1. 今週は食べもの控えめに、って聞いてたけど、何の何のグルメの週末ですね。