Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Outing at Kimball Farm

今日は、私の会社主催で、マサチューセッツ州のウエストフォード(Westford)にあるキンボールファーム(Kimball Farm)というところへ。キンボールファームはアイスクリームで有名ですが、ここにはゴルフの打ちっぱなしや、ゴルフコースなどいろいろなアウトドアーアクティビーティーを楽しむことができます。社員とその家族なら誰でも参加できます。

Today we went to Kimball Farm in Westford, MA for the summer outing organized by my employer. Kimball Farm is famous for their ice cream, but it also has a golf course, driving range, batting cage, bumper boats, etc, and you can enjoy various outdoor activities all day long. Anyone who is an employee of our company or his/her family members can join.


First we had our lunch. I chose a cheese burger, corn on the cob, vegetable kebab, and some potato salad.

My husband chose the same menu as mine plus a hot dog.
ビールなどのアルコールもあります。これは Kimball Farm Amber Brew というビールです。

We can also get alcoholic beverages. This is the beer called "Kimball Farm Amber Brew".

Golf range. You can hit as many balls as you want. We both hit more than 100 balls.

They also has a hot air (or gas?) balloon.

After enjoying outdoor activities, ice cream was served! My husband got a scoop of blackberry ice cream.

I chose two flavors, mocha almond and maple walnuts.

You can add different toppings. These are chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

Of course you can get some whipped cream, too!

I only got a little bit of strawberry sauce and pineapple sauce. It was tasty, but I could not finish all... After the ice cream, we played golf again, tried batting cage, etc and spent a great time. Unfortunately Poirot could not join as dogs are not allowed here...

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