Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farewell Dinner at JoJo Taipei

今日は、久久台北(JoJo Taipei)で会社の同僚のお別れ会。この同僚はアイリッシュで、内臓や血で固めたソーセージなどを小さい頃から食べなれているらしく、変わった食材を使った中華や台湾料理も大好き

Today we had a small farewell party for one of my colleagues at Jo Jo Taipei, a Taiwanese restaurant.  He is Irish, and is used to eat various offal dishes, blood sausages, etc, so he loves to eat Asian food made from weird (at least for some American people) ingredients.

Wheat Gluten and Mushrooms.

Bitter Melon with Black Bean Sauce.

Xiao Long Bao.  Ummm...  Compared to Din Tai Fung in Taiwan, well, no comparison...

Eggplant with Basil Sauce.

Pancake with Scallion and Roasted Beef.

Pork with Preserved Vegetable.  The meat was so tender and tasty.

Sichuan Pig Intestine with Smelly Tofu Hot Pot. It had solidified pig blood as well.  It was so smelly for me...  But everyone else was enjoying it, saying "It is not smelly enough!"

"Three Cups" Chicken.  It tasted a little bit similar to teriyaki flavor.

Shaved ice topped with Assorted Sweet Beans, COndenced Milk and Brown Sugar Syrup.  We talked a lot had a great time.  This colleage has a very unique personality, and we'll all miss him.

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