Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dinner at Hungry Mother

今夜は夫の希望により、久しぶりにケンブリッジにある Hungry Mother へやって来ました。ここへ来るのは3年ぶりくらいです。

Tonight my husband suggested to come to Hungry Mother in Cambridge.  It's been almost 3 years since we visited here last time..

Glass jars were used for water and other soft drinks.
夫はドイツ産の Weihenstephaner というビールを注文。

My husband had German beer, Weihenstephaner.
私は No. 70 という名前のノンアルコールカクテルにしました。ミントとピーチのソーダです。

I ordered the non-alcoholic drink called "No. 70".  It had mint, fresh sour, soda, peach bitters.  It was refreshing.

The bread was chewy, which I liked.

My first course was the grilled Rhode Island squid with tasso ham, yellow hominy, pickled pepper and sherry vinaigrette.  The squid was very tender and had nice char.

My husband selected the cornmeal fried rock shrimp with andouille & cornbread dressing.  The sauce was spicy and gave a nice kick to the shrimp.  It was very Southern style.

My main dish was the Chatham bluefish with smoked tomato jam, summer squash and Provencal vinaigrette.  The surface of fish was burnt, but it was still juicy inside.  The fish itself had not much taste, but the tomato jam and the vinaigrette enhanced the flavor of the fish. 

My husband ordered the catfish pecan meuniere with Carolina rice pilau, peas & favas and lemon brown butter.  This was OK, but I liked the rice.

The coffee after the meal.

We shared the dessert - the brown butter & honey cake.  This was not as good as it sounded in the menu.  I didn't taste brown butter or honey.  The cake was just like a muffin.  I clearly remember  that when we came here last time, the dessert was mediocre although other food was very good.  I guess it hasn't changed after 3 years...

And at the end, small chocolate.  I was disappointed with their dessert, but other dishes we had were all very well-executed and good.  And the price was reasonable.  We decided we would visit here more frequently.

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