Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trip to San Diego & Los Angeles - Day 4


Today's breakfast was again  in the Tiwanese style.  Today's restaurant is called Four Sea Restaurant.  We must have a bowl of soy bean milk and the fried dough in Taiwanese breakfast!

This is called "rice pudding with ground pork" in English, but it is savory,  not sweet.  This was very good.

The scallion pancake with egg.

The egg cake.
さらに今日もまた刈包を頼んでしまいました。4人でも食べきれずに (みんな昨日から食べすぎであんまりおなかが減ってない) 残った分はお持ち帰りにしました。

We ordered the pork buns again.  This is one of my favorites, but a bit heavy for breakfast..

After the meal, we went to Little Tokyo and walk around to consume some calories...

Everything is very clean and nice in Little Tokyo.  I feel very comfortable here...

The "golden dolphins" (mythical sea creatures) on the roof.

The umbrella with cherry blossom patterns.  It is really Japanese!

It was very ht again today (~100° F), so we craved some ice cream.  These are the ice cream wrapped with sticky rice cake (mochi).

There were many different flavors - vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, green tea, etc.
私が選んだのはマンゴー味。マンゴーの味がしっかりしていておいしい! この後色々お店 (といってもスーパーマーケットとかですが) を回りました。本当は行列のできていたラーメン屋さんでラーメンを食べたかったのですが、とにかくおなかがいっぱい過ぎて何も食べられません。残念でしたが今回は諦めました。

I chose the mango flavor - it has an intense mango flavor and very good! After this, we further walked around and check out several shops.  I wanted to try a ramen noodle restaurant where people were making a long line, but I was too full to eat it...  So I had to give up.  Well, next time!

It was just too hot to do anything outside, so we decided to go back to our friends' place and watch some movies.  But before going back, we got some takeout food for dinner (mostly for boys - I was still too full to think about food) from Jin Yuan.

We ordered the fried chicken.

And fried pork.

Both came with white rice and some vegetables.  I didn't eat much, but the pork was good.  If I haven't had been so full, I would have been able to enjoy the food more...

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