Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner at Sichuan Gourmet

明日から夫はまたサンディエゴに行くので、この後3週間 Poirot と2人きりになります。この日は夫が私の会社の近くまで来る用事があったので、終業後、会社の近くにある老四川 (Sichuan Gourmet) に一緒に行きました。

From tomorrow my husband will go back to San Diego for another 3 weeks - I will be alone with Poirot at home...  This afternoon he had to do something near my work place, so after my work we went to Sichuan Groumet nearby.

This is our must-have item, sliced roast beef & tendon with chili sauce.  Its spiciness enhanced our appetite!

We order this dish (Sichuan style meat ball) once every two or three visit here.  It has 4 huge meatballs and vegetables.

We almost always order same dishes here, so this time we tried something we'd never tried before.  This is called Chengdu fish fillets.  It was sour and spicy.  I love sour taste in general, so this was very good for me.

This is another new dish, seafood with sizzling rice.  The (deep-fried) rice and the seafood were brought to our table separately and our waitress poured the seafood sauce over the rice in front of us.  We could hear the sizzling sound (hence, seafood with sizzling rice).  I couldn't wait so immediately had one bite before the sizzling sound was gone - well, it was sooo hot (temperature-wise).  I burnt my mouth, but it was worth it!  The rice was very crispy, but became soggy quickly once absorbed the sauce.  You need to eat this dish quickly!

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