Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dinner at Muqueca Restaurant

サンディエゴに長期出張中の夫が一昨日からボストンに一時帰宅中。私も久しぶりに外食できるのでうきうき。今夜はケンブリッジにあるブラジル料理のお店、Muqueca Restaurant へやって来ました。ここへ来るのは2回目です。

My husband who had been in San Diego on the business assignments temporally came back to Boston
 (he needs to go back to San Diego in a week).  So I could enjoy going out for dinner with him!  Tonight, we visited Muqueca Restaurant, a Brazilian restaurant in Cambridge.  This was our second time here.


These are salted cod fritters.  Brazil was once a colony of Portugal, so their cuisine has also been influenced by Portugal.  This dish was very similar to what we had when we visited Portugal

This is the fried frog legs.

I often hear that frog meat tastes like chicken meat, but I can't eat frogs.  I know it tastes like chicken, but it smells like a frog!!!  My husband ate them all...

Brazilian style crab cake.  Lots of crab meat.  Yum!

The fried yucca.  I love fried yucca!
そして今回もまた Moqueca というブラジル風のシーフードシチューを注文。写真では少量に見えますが、結構なボリュームです。ご飯も付いてくるのですが、シチューと一緒に食べるとこれがまたすごくおいしい!

And this time again we ordered the moqueca - the Brazilian style seafood stew.  The portion looks small in this picture, but it is actually big.  It comes with white rice.
シチューにはさらに  pirão というお魚のグレービーも付いてきます。

The fish gravy, called pirão, also came with the stew.

And at last, the dessert.  The menu said "tapioca and coconut", so we were not sure exactly what it was but tried it.
タピオカを固めたものにカラメルソースとココナッツミルクがかかっています。タピオカ部分はおはぎみたいな感じ。かなりおなかいっぱいになります。でも (蛙以外は) 全部おいしかったので満足、満足。

It was tapioca packed into a cake shape and caramel sauce and coconut milk were poured on top of it.  It was very heavy (tapioca was very tightly packed), but not bad.  Every dish we ordered (except the frog legs (to me, at least)) was good and very satisfying.

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