Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinner at Wang's Fast Food

今日は冷凍の手作り餃子を買いに Somerville にある Wang's First Food にやってきました。そのついでに夕食もここでとる事に。これは始めて注文した冷麺のようなもの。ソースはピリ辛でおいしかったのですが、麺がかなりまずい! 私は上に乗っていたきゅうりをソースに付けて食べてました。

Tonight we came to buy home-made frozen dumplings to Wang's First Food in Somerville, and decided to eat the dinner here.  This is the cold noodles, which we ordered first time.  I liked the spicy sauce, but the noodles were so bad...  I only ate cucumbers with the sauce.

The dumplings with pork and fennel.
餃子はいつもながらジューシーですが、私はウイキョウはあまり好きではないのでちょっと残念な味 (夫が食べたいというので頼みました)。

The dumplings themselves were juicy as always, but since I don't like fennel, I was not very fond of this dish (my husband wanted to eat this one).
きゅうりとくらげの酢の物。さっぱりしていて大好き! 大概いつも注文する一品です。

The jelly fish with cucumber in garlic sauce.  It was  refreshing and good.  I almost always order this dish.

The scallion pancake.  I couldn't find scallion, though.

The shrimp wanton soup.  The soup was very light and not bad.  Some dishes are pretty good but others are not - but as it's name indicates, the service is quick and price is low and it is convenient for us...

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