Monday, July 4, 2011

Trip to San Diego & Los Angeles - Day 5

昨日の夜遅くに LA からサンディエゴに戻って来たのですが、今日はもうボストンへ戻らなければなりません。空港まで行く途中、ベトナム風のカフェ、K Sandwiches に立ち寄って朝ごはん。

We came back from LA to San Diego late last night, and today I had to go back to Boston...  On the way to the airport, we stopped at a Vietnamese cafe, K Sandwiches, for breakfast.

My husband had a humongous croissant.

I ordered a waffle which was chewy (I guess this was made with rice flour) and very lightly flavored with coconut.  So yummy.   My husband said Bánh mì here are very good as well.

Right in front of the airport is the sea.  We still had some time until my flight, so we drove and walk along the water.
夫とはしばしお別れです (とはいっても来週一旦ボストンに戻ってくるのですが)。私は Poirot と一緒にお留守番。

It was a bit sad to leave my husband (well, he would be back to Boston in one week before heading back to San Diego again).  I would have to be alone with Poirot in Boston...

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