Monday, December 26, 2011

Dinner at Biryani Park

最近の私達のお気に入りのレストラン、Biryani Park。家が近所なので月に2回は来ています。今日はここ最近私達が食べたお料理をまとめて紹介!

One of our favorite restaurants these days is Biryani Park.  We live very close to this restaurant, and visit here twice a month or so.  Today I show the dishes we had at our last few visits.


This is called "chicken 65".  I don't know what "65" means, but the fried boneless chicken pieces are marinated with various spices - very spicy and sour but yummy.  I can't stop eating it.  I think this goes very well with a glass of cold beer.

This is the Sri Lankan dish called "fish cutlets" in the menu, but it is more like "fish balls".

Inside are the spiced potatoes and fish.  It was served piping hot.

Masala dosa comes with tomato chutney, coconut chutney and sambar.

Underneath is the spiced potatoes and onions.  

Goan fish curry.  It had coconut milk and creamy yet spicy.  And lots of fish chunks!
鶏肉とホウレン草のカレー (チキンサーグ)。これもけっこう辛めです。

Chicken saag.  This curry was also spicy and good.

Each curry dish comes with a bowl of rice.

Instead of rice, you can order roti, too.  It was chewy and I liked it a lot.

This is the dish called "string hopper kotthu", a Sri Lankan dish of string hoppers (rice noodles) stir fried with meat, vegetables & eggs.  I've never had something like this before, but it was not bad!

This is my hasbund's favorite dish, biryani.

We almost always order the biryani - so far, we had goat, lam and chicken biryani but the meat was always very tender and rice was nicely spiced and very, very tasty.
これはマンゴークルフィー (マンゴーアイスクリームのようなもの)。アイスクリームよりも粘り気があってこれまたとってもおいしいです!

This is the mango kulfi (Indian style ice cream).  It's stickier than ice cream and very good, too!

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