Friday, December 30, 2011

Trip to NYC - DC - NJ - Day 3

今日は朝9時ごろ DC を出発し、ニュージャージーへ向かいました。ニュージャージーに住んでいる友人の家に一泊させてもらう予定です。4時間ほどドライブした後、友人の家に行く前に、とりあえずお昼ごはん!ということで夫の好きな豆腐チゲのお店、So Kong Dong へいきました。

This morning we left the hotel at around 9 am and headed to New Jersey.  We’ll stay overnight at our friends’ place in NJ.  After 4 hours of driving (and before arriving at our friends’place) we decided to have our lunch at So Kong Dong (Korean tofu stew restaurant), one of my husband’s favorite places in NJ.
ニュージャージに来るたびほとんど毎回このお店に来ますが、いつ来てもお客さんでいっぱい。メニューはシンプルに豆腐チゲだけ (+焼肉 (カルビ1種類だけですが))。

We come to this restaurant almost every time we visit our friends in NJ.  The restaurant is very popular and is always very crowded.

The freshly cooked rice in the stone bowl is served at you table.
私は海鮮チゲ (海老、アサリ、牡蠣入り)、夫は牡蠣のチゲを注文。ぐつぐつと煮えたぎったのが運ばれてきます。辛さも何段階かある中から選べるのですが私たちはいつもスパイシーを頼みます。ここのはお豆腐がとても柔らかくて、やっぱりいつ食べてもおいしい~。

I ordered the seafood tofu stew (shrimp, clams and oysters), and my husband ordered the oyster tofu stew.  The stew is served piping hot (still boiling when served).  You can choose the spiciness, but we always go for spicy.  Tofu served at this restaurant is very soft and very tasty~
昼食の後友人の家にお邪魔して暫くのんびりと寛いだ後、夕食を食べにまた韓国料理のお店、So Mon Nan Jip へやって来ました。ここも友人の家に来たついでによく来るレストランです。

After the lunch, we came to our friends’ place – catching up (it was our first time to meet their 3 months old baby boy) and relaxing.  Then for the dinner, we again went to the Korean restaurant, So Mon Nan Jip (Fort Lee where our friends live has a big Korean community and many good Korean restaurants).

We went there at almost 9 pm, but still had to wait for our table – it was very crowded.  As soon as we sat at our table, many small dishes were delivered (kind of amuse bouche / free appetizers).

These dishes in this picture were only a part of the free appetizers – we had more than 10 dishes in total!

This savory egg dish was also the free dish.   It was hot and very airy - we all love this one.

These fried fish are also the free dish.  Every time I come to this restaurant, I feel we do not need to order any additional dishes – by the time our ordered dishes are delivered, I’m always stuffed!

The seafood Korean pancake.  It had a lot of big chunks of squid and shrimp.

The Korean BBQ (beef short rib).

The BBQ tasted very good when wrapped in a leaf of lettuce!
Al Jigae。お魚の卵(多分たらこ?何の魚かわかりません)のちげ鍋。これは友人が好きなお料理なのでほぼ毎回注文します。

This is called “Al Jigae” – a spicy hot pot with fish (cod?) roe.  This is one of our friend’s favorite, so we have to order this one!

I love this Korean cold noodle dish.  But everyone else did not like it very much and I almost ate it all by myself!  Everything was very good and we all were satisfied!

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