Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trip to NYC - DC - NJ - Day 1 (2)

2時前にニューヨークを出発したのですが、途中かなり長い渋滞につかまって、ホテルに着いたのは7時半でした。普通ならニューヨークからDC迄は4時間弱で行けるのに…。かなり疲れました (運転してたのは夫ですが)。

We left NYC before 2 pm, but stuck in heavy traffic and took us almost 6 hours to arrive at our hotel in DC.  Generally it takes less than 4 hours...  We were exhausted by the time we arrived (although only my husband drove).
今回は DuPont Circle にある、ペット可のホテルに泊まってみました。部屋はかなり広くて設備もなかなかグッド。お風呂がちょっと狭かったですが。

This time I chose a pet-friendly hotel in DuPont Circle.  Our room was very spacious and had good amenities (although the bathroom was a bit small).
Poirot と一緒ということを伝えてあったので、お部屋には犬用のベッドと水を入れるボウルがちゃんと用意してありました。

Since I notified the hotel in advance that we would bring Poirot with us, a dog bed and a bowl were prepared in our room before our arrival.  It was nice!
Poirot は部屋に入るなり早速ベッドの上に座って、これは自分のだとアピール。

Poirot got excited with the bed, and sit on it immediately after we entered the room to claim this was his own bed!

But I guess he preferred a bigger bed, and occupied our bed.
夕食の予約を8時にしてあったので、大急ぎでレストランに向かいました。今回選んだのはBirch & Barley というレストランで、ここにはたくさんの (555 種類!) ビールがあります。いろいろな味を楽しめるようにと少量ずつ (約 100 mL) 注文することもできます。夫もいろいろ試したいといって、まずこちらの3種類を注文。

We had a dinner reservation at 8 pm, so had to rush in to arrive on time (we were a bit late, though).  I chose this restaurant for my husband who likes beer - here, a wide variety of draft beer (555 different kinds!) are served.  They also serve small volume (4 oz) for those who want to enjoy different kind of beer.  My husband wanted to try different ones, and at first he ordered these three.

The bread (pretzel, etc) they served were to go with beer, I guess.

My husband's first course, crispy farm egg and  roasted pork belly with apple-cornichon gastrique, frisée and mache.

The yolk was runny and tasty.  And I loved the fatty (in a good way) pork belly, too.

I ordered "Autumn Waldorf salad with endive, salt-baked pear, spiced walnuts, cranberries, gorgonzola".  This was OK (I liked the walnuts).

My husband ordered additional 3 kinds of beer.  These were Belgium, German, and American beer and according to him, they all tasted different.  To me (who doesn't like beer at all) all tasted the similar...

My husband then ordered the fig & prosciutto flatbread with gorgonzola cremificato & caramelized onions.  I was too full to taste it.

I chose the hand-cut tagliatelle with razor clams, mussels, fennel confit, grapefruit beads and saffron.  The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and nicely flavored.

For dessert, we shared the maple mousse with pumpkin ice cream, glazed cranberries, pumpkin paper - I should have skipped this (not bad, but nothing special).  My husband loved the selection of beer here and wished we had a similar restaurant in Boston.

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