Monday, December 26, 2011

Poirot & Laifu at Breakheart Reservation

12月の始めから Poirot の親友、来福君が私達の家に泊まりに来ています。今日はみんなで家の近所のハイキングコースへお散歩に行ってきました。

From the beginning of December, Poirot's best friend, Laifu, is staying at our home.  Today we went to Breakheart Reservation near our home for walking.
来福君に着せる服が見当たらなかったので、Poirot の服を着せたのですが胸板厚めの来福君にはちょっと小さくて歩いている間に前がどんどん開いてきてしまいました。

Liafu didn't have his own clothe, so we put Poirot's clothe on him.  But it was a bit too small....
来福君に負けないように何とか彼の前に行こうと必死の Poirot。

Poirot didn't want to walk behind Laifu and walked so fast!  He is very competitive.

They were smelling something so seriously...  What's so interesting???

Laifu was on diet and lost a quite a lot of weight, and now he is much more active than before.
Poirot も負けじと岩山に駆け登ります。

Of course Poirot ran up to beat Laifu as well.

And licked his nose!

Two photogenic Pugs!
Poirot は水嫌いのくせに水の側に行きたがります。

Poirot hate water, but is curious about it and always wants to go close to water.
来福君は "そんなとこに行ったら危ないよ~" とでも言いたげに Poirot を見つめていました。

Laifu was looking at Poirot from far as if he was saying "Don't go too close to water!  It's too dangerous!"

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