Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinner at Fuloon


Tonight I wanted to eat something spicy but didn't feel like traveling too far, so we went to a Chinese restaurant near our home, Fuloon.

The double cooked pork.  It was spicy but also had a hint of sweetness.  It tasted better than it looked.

The sauteed pea sprouts.  Very garlicky but good.
そしてこちらが四川水煮牛。これでもかというほどの唐辛子が器一杯に入っています。舌が痺れて感覚がなくなるほど辛い~!! これでしばらくは辛いもの食べなくても大丈夫です。

The steamed beef Szechuan style.  Incredible amount of chili peppers in the bowl...  It was so spicy that my tongue was numb and I lost the sense of taste...  I don't think I need to eat spicy food for quite a long time...

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