Saturday, May 5, 2012

Greenway Mobile Food Festival

今日はフードトラック (トラックを改造して屋台風にしたもの) のフェスティバルがあると聞いて、曇り空で肌寒い中 Greenway までやって来ました。ミニコンサートやフードコンテストもやってました (でもお天気のせいか聴衆は少なかったような…)。

I heard that Mobile Food Festival were being held today, so we came to Greenway to try some out.  Various activities including performances by local bands, food contests, etc., were also going on (although not so many people probably due to cloudy, cold weather).
全部で30店近くあったと思うのですが、私達はまず Mei Mei Street Kitchen という中華 (風) の屋台に挑戦。

I think more around 30 food trucks were there.  First we tried Mei Mei Street Kitchen, a Chinese-American food truck.

This is the fiddlehead fern tempura.  Not too bad.


This is the Chinese pulled pork on house baked bun - I don't remember how it tasted (not too impressibe, I guess).
次に試したのが Lobsta Love というロブスターの屋台。ここにはかなり人が並んでました。

Next we went to Lobsta Love truck.  Many people were making a line here.
ロブスタースライダーを注文したのですが、値段 ($6) の割りにかなり小さくてロブスターの味も普通。後で友人に聞いたところ、ロブスターのマカロニ&チーズがおいしいそうです。

We ordered the lobster slider, but it was kind of small for the price ($6), and the lobster was just OK.  Later my friend told me that I should have tried their lobster mac & cheese...  Maybe next time...

そしてさらに夫のリクエストにより、BBQ のお店、Redbones へやって来ました。

My husband requested to try Redbones, a BBQ truck.

He ordered (I think) St. Luis style pork ribs.  Many different kinds of sauce were also available to try (we had he moderately spicy sauce).
リブを見たとたん、Poirot 君の目がきら~っと光ました。

As soon as he found out we got the ribs, Poirot's eyes became wide open and shinny!
何とかリブにありつこうと必死で背伸びしてテーブルの上を覗いています。このリブはとっても柔らかくてお肉がほろほろと骨からはずれ、おいしかったです。Poirot に食べ終わった後の骨をやったら大喜びでした。

Poiro stretched as much as he could, hoping he could reach to our ribs on the table...  The ribs were very tender and tasty (meat fell out from bone very, very easily).  I gave Poirot one of the bones after I ate the meat, and he was sooo happy.
まだなんか物足りなかった私は次に Bon Me というベトナム料理の屋台へとやって来ました。

I was still not very full, so tried another truck, Bon Me, which served Vietnamese cuisine.

I ordered the rice noodle salad with chicken.  It was just OK, too.  Food trucks, in general, serve over-priced mediocre foods (of course there are some exceptions), and I was not fully satisfied with the dishes we had today.  Maybe it could have been a better experience if the weather had been nicer...

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