Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brunch at Myers + Chang

今日は South End にあるお気に入りのレストランのひとつ、Myers + Chang へブランチを食べにやって来ました。

Today we came for brunch to Myers + Chang, one of our favorite restaurants in South End.
外の席に座ったので Poirot も一緒です。

We sat outside, so Poirot could stay with us.

The first dish was the celery + tofu salad.  Very light and refreshing - perfect dish on a hot day like today.

This is one of my favorite dishes, the green papaya slaw.  I love its dressing with fish sauce and some hot peppers - very good with the crunch green papaya.

And this is my husband's favorite, fried egg banh mi w/sweet soy glazed bacon.  We always order this dish, and it always tastes good! 
次々に運ばれてくるお料理を物欲しそうに見つめる Poirot。あなたは残念ながら食べられません。犬用のクッキーあげるから我慢してね。

Poirot was expecting us to give him something but didn't get any - he looked very sad.  Well, nothing you can eat, Poirot!  Instead, I gave him a few doggie cookies.

And this is the stuffed bao with duck and gingered cherries.  The gingered cherries were sweet and very unique, but went very well with duck meat.

We also ordered the tea smoked ribs.  The meat is sooo tender that we could easily remove it from the bones with the chopsticks.


And lastly came the sweet potato chips + roasted garlic dip.  This was not too special.  But overall, we were very satisfied with their dishes as usual.  
食後はいつも行くドッグパークへ。最初は大きな犬しかいなくて私達の所から離れない Poirot。

After the brunch, we went to the nearby dog park.  At first, only big dogs were there and Poirot did not want to stay away from us...

But soon after, two pugs came to the park!
Poirot は他の犬と遊ぶよりも人間と一緒にいるほうが好きなのですが、パグだけは別。早速3匹で遊び始めます。

Generally Poirot prefers playing with humans to playing with other dogs, but pugs are the exception - he is very interested in other pugs. As soon as thees two pugs came in, Poirot started playing with them.
そこへ元気いっぱいのフレンチブルドッグの赤ちゃん (生後4ヶ月) 登場!

Then a very active French bulldog (4 months old) showed up!
この子犬ちゃんはなぜか Poirot が気に入った様で、Poirot にキス攻撃。

I don't know why, but this little puppy liked Poirot and gave him a lot of kisses.
Poirot はどうしていいのかわからず固まってました~。周りの飼い主さんたちはみんな笑ってました。

Poirot didn't know how to handle the puppy, and he was totally frozen~.  Peoples around them were all smiling at them.

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