Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dinner at Rod Dee

今日は超久しぶりにタイ料理のお店、Rod Dee へやって来ました。以前はよく Brookline にあるお店でテイクアウトをしていたのですが、今回は去年 Porter Square にオープンした広い支店の方へやって来ました。ここはセルフサービスのお店で、お店奥にあるレジのところで注文を済ませ、席までお料理が運ばれてくるのを待ちます。

Today we came to Rod Dee, a Thai restaurant - we used to go to this restaurant in Brookline for take-out, but this was our first time to visit the Porter Square location which was newly opened last year.  It's a self-service restaurant.

First I ordered the tom yum koong, but this was not very good - actually, I have never had good tom yum koong in America....
夫はパッタイを頼んだのですが、かなり甘い味付け 。

My husband ordered the pad thai - this was too sweet to my taste.

I ordered the beef pad kra pao.  I felt this was not as spicy as before, but it is still my favorite.  We ordered the another one for take-out to eat for lunch next day...

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