Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lunch at Neptune Oyster

今日はまたまた North End にある Neptune Oyster へやって来ました。まずはボケロネス (カタクチ鰯の酢漬け) 入りのシーザーサラダ。

Today we came to Neptune Oyster in North End again.  First we ordered the Caesar salad with boquerones.
写真がちょっとぼけてますが、ペコリノチーズがたっぷりかかっていてかなりおいしいサラダでした (お値段高めですが)。

This picture does not look very good, bu the salad had a lot of pecorino cheese and was very tasty (although it was a bit pricey).

For the main, we ordered the fish tacos.  Each taco had two big pieces of fried fish.
お魚はサーモンと鱈 (?) の2種類。お魚は両方ともジューシー。付け合せのサラダがさっぱりしていてお魚のフライに良く合います。

Two kinds of fish were used - salmon and cod (?).  Both were very juicy.  I also loved two kinds of salad (carrots and cabbage) - very refreshing.

And the must item, the lobster roll (hot with butter).

As always, lots of big lobster chunks and buttery bun - so yummy!  I can eat it every day!  We'll be back soon again.

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