Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinner at Gourmet Dumpling House

今日はいつも大人気のお店、南北風味 (Gourmet Dumpling House) へ久しぶりにやって来ました。待つのを覚悟していたのですが運良く最後の1席をゲット。テーブル間は超狭く、人一人通るのも一苦労の小さなお店です。太った人は多分テーブルの間を通り抜けることはできません。

Today we visited Gourmet Dumpling House, a very popular restaurant in China Town.  I was preparing for a long wait, but luckily we could get the last table.
まずは豚の耳、麻辣耳絲。コリコリしておいしい! 隣の席のアメリカ人がこいつら何食べてるんだというような不思議そうな顔でこっちを見てました。

First we ordered the chilled spicy pig ears.  I love the texture of pig ears.  American couple sitting next to us were looking at this dish, wondering what the heck these Asians were eating!
夫の希望で台湾式の春巻き (?)、臺式潤餅を注文したのですが、なぜかこんなものが出てきました。

My husband wanted to try the Taiwanese rolls.  But we were served with this dish which didn't look like rolls...
あれっ? と思っているとさらに春巻きの皮の様な物も。

But then came the thin layers of wraps. 

Here, you have to make your own rolls by wrapping the ingredients (pork, dried tofu, vegetables, etc) with a warp.

This was unexpected as we were imagining Taiwanese rolls that we usually get at night markets in Taiwan, but it was not bad at all.

Then we got the squid with Chinese celery.  Very light flavor.  Squid was very tender and I loved the aroma of Chinese celery.
さらに焼き餃子、山東鍋貼。もう私はおなかいっぱいで1つしか食べられませんでしたが、お肉はとってもジューシーでした。ここはメニューの品数がとても多く、まだまだ食べたいものがいっぱい。またそのうち再訪したいと思います。And we also ordered the Sandong style pan fried dumplings.  I was so full that I could ate only one piece, but the meat was very juicy and good.  There are so many other dishes I want to try at this restaurant, so we'll be back here soon!

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