Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dinner at Jo Jo Taipei

今日の夕食は久久台北で、台湾料理~。肌寒かった私はまずお気に入りの台湾スタイル酸辣湯 (台式酸辣湯) からスタート。丼鉢ほどもある大きな器に入って出てくるのですがほとんど全部私が飲み干してしまいました。

Our dinner tonight was at Jo Jo Taipei.  It was chilly and I wanted to warm up, so I ordered my favorite soup here – Taiwanese style hot and sour soup.  The portion was huge, but I finish almost all of it by myself.

And this is another favorite of mice, the stewed minced pork over rice.  I love the egg that comes with the rice as well.

My husband ordered the spicy beef noodle soup. This was not too impressive – we had much better ones in Taiwan.  The soup was too spicy and I didn’t taste anything else.

We ordered the three-cup eggplant as well, but we were full and took home most of it.
夫は寒いといってたくせに、辛い牛肉麺を食べて暑くなったのか、かき氷 (挫冰) を注文。私はせっかく温まった体を冷やしたくなかったのでほんの少し味見程度に食べておきました。上に乗ってたタピオカが思ったよりも柔らかくておいしかったです。

My husband ordered "bow bin" - shaved ice topped with assorted sweet beans, condenced milk and brown sugar syrup…  I guess after he ate the spicy beef noodle soup, he need to cool himself down.  I only took a few bites, but liked the tapiocas which was surprisingly soft.

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