Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brunch at South End Buttery

今日のブランチは久しぶりに South End Buttery へやって来ました。相変わらず多くの人で賑わってます。

Today we came to South End Buttery for brunch.  The restaurant was very crowded as usual.

I tried the strawberries & cream brioche French toast, which I had been craving for a while…  It was not too sweet and I liked it, but the portion was too big and I got tired of it halfway through…

My husband ordered the steak & eggs.
お肉はちょっと硬め。でもお肉にかかっていたトマティロサルサが辛くて酸っぱくて、私好みの味 (夫は酸っぱいのが嫌いなので文句を言ってましたが)。卵2個にポテト、サラダも付いてこちらもボリュームたっぷりです。

The meat was bit too tough, but I loved the tomatillo salsa which was hot and sour (my husband didn’t like its sourness too much).  With 2 eggs, greens and home fries, he got very full, too.
その後、レストランすぐ近くにあっていつも行くドッグパークに Poirot を連れて行きました。でも今回は大きな犬ばっかりで Poirot の遊び相手になってくれるような犬はこのビーグルだけでした。せっかく来たのに Poirot は私たちにべったりと張り付いて退屈そうだったので早々に退散しました。また今度ね。

After the meal, we went to the nearby dog park which we always go when we are in South End with Poirot.  But this time, we found mostly big dogs there who were not very interested in playing with Poirot…  He played a bit with this beagle dog, but most of the time he stayed with us and looked bored, so we stayed ehre only for a short time and left… Hope we see more small dogs next time…

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