Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poirot's 4th Birthday

6月7日は Poirot のお誕生日! 今年で4歳になりました! 超巨大 (40 cm 位) な牛 (?) の骨がお誕生日プレゼントです。ちなみにこれは South End にある Polka Dog Bakery というお店で買ってきました。

June 7th is Poirot's birthday!  This year he became 4 years old.  The birthday gift for him this year was this huge (~15 inches) cow (?) bone, which we got from Polka Dog Bakery in South End.
Poirot は興奮して小刻みに震えてましたが、私たちが Happy Birthday の歌を歌っている間おとなしく待ってました。

Poirot got so excited that he started trembling, but he behaved himself and waited quietly until we finished singing "Happy Birthday" song to him.
骨をベランダに持って行き、食べてもいいよといったのですが、ほんとにこんなの食べてもいいの? ってちょと信じられない様子で私の顔をじ~っと見つめます。

I brought the bone to the porch and told him to eat, but it seemed he couldn't believe it was his (I think he thought it was too good to be true), and he was just staring at me...
ほんとに食べていいよと言うと、骨を引きずってベランダの階段を下り、庭で一心不乱に食べ始めました。でもさすがの Poirot にもこれは大きすぎたらしく、しばらくすると疲れたのか家の中に戻ってきました。また明日続きを食べてね~。

I had to tell him several times, but he finally found out it was OK to eat.  Then he dragged the bone down to the backyard and started tackling to it.  However it was too big for even Poirot, and after awhile, he got tired and came back into the house...  Happy Birthday, Poirot, and you can continue to eat it tomorrow~.

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