Monday, May 31, 2010

Trip to France Day 4 (1) (Blois)


This morning, we visited the city of Blois, ~15 min drive from our hotel.

まずはブロワ城(Château de Blois)を見学。13世紀から17世紀にかけて造られた4つの建物(ゴシック、ルネッサンスとバロック様式の建物が混合)が中庭を囲むように建っています。1598年に宮廷をパリに移すまで、ブロワ城がフランス王家のお城だったそう。ルイ12世、フランソワ一世やオルレアン公ガストン(ルイ13世の弟)などの手に渡り、今はブロワ市の所有となっています。

First, we visited Château de Blois, which comprises 4 buildings constructed from the 13th to the 17th century around the main courtyard.  It was the residence of several French kings until 1598. It was owned by Louis XII, François I, Gaston d'Orléans, etc and now is now owned by the city of Blois.


This is also the place where Joan of Arc went in 1429 to be blessed by the Archbishop of Reims before departing with her army to drive the English from Orléans.


The beautiful spiral staircase in the François I wing.  In this wing, the architecture and ornamentation are marked by Italian influence.

I think it must have been very cold in winter with windswept staircases.  Or maybe the royal family stayed somewhere warm in south during winter time??

The bedroom for Catherine de' Medici.

There was a piano at the end of this long room.
天井に、アンリ二世とカトリーヌ・メディシスのイニシャル H と C を組み合わせた文様。

The object on the ceiling is the initials of Henry II (H) and Catherine de' Medici (C).


This plate was kind of grotesque.  I wonder if this was actually used as a plate (to put food on), or was it just for decoration??

The spiral staircase from inside.

The entrance of the château.

This horse statue looked very real.

After visiting the château, we walked around the city.  Found three big keys (trois clefs).  I don't know the meaning of them.

In almost all the cities/towns/villages we visited, we found this type of wood-framed buildings.

We just wandered around without looking at a map.


Took a break for lunch.  We got a chicken kebab sandwich at a kebab restaurant.

It was huge, and just one sandwich (with French fries) was enough for two of us.  We ate something non-French, which was kind of refreshing.

And we came back to the river.

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