Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trip to France Day 3 (2) (Blois)

今日はいよいよシャンボール城 (Château de Chambord) へ!このお城はロワール渓谷に点在するお城のうち、最大の広さを持っていて、敷地の中にパリ市がすっぽり入るほど。もともとはフランソワ一世の狩猟小屋として始まったお城だそうです。奥のほうに見えているのがお城。

Today's main event was to visit Château de Chambord!  It is the largest château in the Loire Valley (bigger than the entire city of Paris).  It was built to serve as a hunting lodge for François I.

We parked our car at the parking lot and walked to the château.

It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The château was finally getting closer...

建物も敷地も大きすぎて、どれだけ大きいのかわからなくなります。お城には部屋が440、塔 (煙突) が365、階段が84あるそうです。

The château was too huge and I lost the sense of size..  There are 440 rooms, 365 towers (chimneys) and 84 staircases.
有名な二重らせんの階段。DNA のらせん構造のように、二つの階段が絡み合っています。二つの階段を使えば、相手に出会うことなく3階まで昇り降りができます。階段を設計したのはレオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチだという説も。

The famous double-helix open staircase.  The two staircases winding up each other, like DNA.  The two helices ascend the three floors without ever meeting.  It is said that Leonardo da Vinci may have designed the staircase, but it has not been confirmed. 

Looking down from the top of the staircase.  It is actually very high.

A view from the rooftop.  This all belongs to the château.

Each of 365 towers is decorated beautifully.

These are all chimneys and connected to the fireplaces in the rooms.
このお城は狩猟のための短期訪問を目的に建設されたもので、開いた窓や高い天井のため、暖房が行き届かず (365もの暖炉があったのに !) 長期滞在には向かなかったそうです。フランソワ一世は統治時代、全部あわせてたったの7週間しかこのお城に滞在しなかったとか。なんという贅沢。

As the château had been constructed with the purpose of short stays, it was actually not practical to live there on a longer-term basis.  The massive rooms, open windows and high ceilings meant heating was impractical (even with 365 fireplaces!).  François I spent barely seven weeks there in total during his reign.  What a way to spend mney!

A funny face on the column.

Each gargoyle is different!

A boat on the moat.

Each room is also nicely decorated.

I believe this is the portrait of Louis XIV (the middle one).

The château has a chapel as well.

I got a crepe outside the château .  It was very hot (cooked to order) and very good!

What kind of tree is this?

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