Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trip to France Day 2 (1) (Paris CDG - Chartres)

シャルルドゴール空港についた後は、初日の目的地、Chartres へ行くため、Avis でレンタカー。コンパクトカーを予約したはずなのに、なぜかSUVにアップグレイドされてました。持参したカーナビもちゃんと作動して、まずは上々の滑り出し。とりあえず腹ごしらえということで、最初に見つけたサービスエリアで朝ごはんです。

At CDG airport, we rented a car at Avis.  We booked a compact car, but it was upgraded to an SUV.  We brought our own GPS, and it worked fine.  So far so good!  We stopped at a service area on the highway to have breakfast on the way to Chartres.


After about 2-hours driving, we arrived at Chartres.  We could see Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres (UNESCO World Heritage) from far.


We climbed up the very narrow road and tried to make a right turn to enter the hotel parking (left side in the picture), but the road was too narrow to do so(because of our upgraded SUV!) and the only way we could enter was by backing up.  If I were the driver, we could have never entered the hotel...

今日のお宿、Hôtellerie Saint Yves。シャルトル大聖堂のすぐ隣です。昔は司祭さんたちが生活していた所だそうで,部屋にはテレビもなく、とても質素です。でも静かだし、便利な立地でお値段もかなりお得だったので(一泊40€)、お勧めです。洗面所はかなり狭かったですが。

We stayed at Hôtellerie Saint Yves.  It is located right next to the cathedral and is built on the site of an ancient monastery.  Because of this history, the room is very simple (no TV!).  But it was very quiet and conveniently located for sightseeing (and good price; €40/night), so I recommend it.


Since we had a lot of time until check-in, we first walked around the town.  Within less than 1 min walking from the hotel, you arrive at the cathedral.  We decided to visit the cathedral later and kept walking.


We found a market (only on Saturdays?).  Many local products, including vegetables, cheese, sausages, etc.


This cheese looked cute!




Even a butcher shop looks fashionable in France.


We got some bread.  It was ok.


We went back to the hotel for check-in.  This is the corridor in the hotel.  It really looked like a monastery.


A small garden.


Window in our room.  After we put our luggage, we went out to visit the cathedral.

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