Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trip to France Day 2 (4) (Chartres)


Prior to the trip, we booked tables for dinner every night except for the first night, so we were walking around the city, looking for a restaurant.  Then we found the sign of a witch.  Inside, (apparently) only local people were eating there, which is the good sign.  We were able to get the last table available (all other tables were reserved and the restaurant was full).

The local Rose wine.  It was very cheap.

Amuse bouche.  Prosciuttomozzarella and cantaloupe.
これは私の前菜の、アスパラガスとアンチョビのペースト。私は前菜、メイン、チーズ、デザートの4コースの Prix Fixe を注文。

I ordered 4-course (appetizer, main dish, cheese and dessert) Prix Fixe menu.  This was the appetizer (asparagus and anchovy paste). 

This was the fois gras dish for my husband.  He ordered the 5-course menu (appetizer, fish, meat, cheese and dessert)!

Fish dish for my husband.  The sauce was very tasty.

Sorbet between the dishes.  I guess a little bit of alcohol was added.  Our waitress explained each dish in French, so I could understand only little.  I used to study French and could understand/speak French more, but I realized I forgot a lot of it.  At this restaurant, they did not understand English, but they understood my poor French.

My main dish (fish).
夫の肉料理。メニューにveau とあったのを見て、子牛のステーキだと思って注文したら、実は子牛の腎臓 (Rognons de veau)。始めは腎臓がマッシュルームに見えて、”お肉はどこにあるんだろう?”なんて探していたのですが、一口食べてやっと気づきました。私の口には合いませんでした。夫もあまり好みではないようですが、そこは台湾人。きれいに平らげてくれました。

Meat dish for my husband.  I saw "veau" in the menu, so I recommended him to order this as I though it was veal dish, but it was actually veal kidney (Rognons de veau).  I didn't like it (although I liked the sauce), but my husband, while he didn't like it very much, either, finished it all.

Three kinds of cheese.  By the time, I was very full.

Cheese for my husband was in the crust.  Even my husband (who can eat a lot) was full, too.

My dessert, crème brûlée.  It was delicious, but I was too full to finish it.

Desert for my husband was strawberry with custard sauce.  We were very very stuffed and could not move for a while.  We got out of the restaurant after 11 pm!   

The cathedral was lit up at night.

It was very sublime.

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