Monday, May 31, 2010

Trip to France Day 4 (4) (Blois)


Again we had dinner at the hotel restaurant.  Tonight, we chose €45 Chef's menu (appetizer, main dish, cheese and dessert).  For the main dish, you can choose meat or fish, but other than that, you don't know what will be served.  The amuse bouche was same as yesterday's.

White wine.

The appetizer was langoustine.  This picture is not clear, but the langoustine was still raw inside, juicy, and sweet!  It matched well with the sauce and very delicious.

My main dish, some kind of white fish (bad picture, again!).  I loved this dish, too.

My husband's main was veal steak.  It was also good, but since yesterday's sautéed pork was shockingly tasty, this was not as impressive.  Each vegetable had its own strong and deep flavor - very good.

Cheese plate.  Goat cheese again, but I got used to it and could manage to eat all of them.

Dessert plate (strawberry ice cream and chocolate cake).  Ahhhh, I got full again.  We still many days to go, but I am getting worried that we will be much heavier by the time we go back to US...
I highly recommend this restaurant/hotel although you need a car.

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