Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brunch at Winsor Dim Sum Cafe

今日はチャイナタウンにある飲茶のお店、溫莎點心美食 (Winsor Dim Sum Café) へブランチを食べに来ました。

Today we came to Winsor Dim Sum Café in China Town for brunch.

My favorite, deep fried dumpling made with sticky rice and filled with pork and vegetables.  Yummy~
干しイカを戻したものや豚肉 (?) 入りのお粥 (艇仔粥)。

The sampan congee.  It had dried squid, pork, etc.

The rice noodle rolls with fried dough.  Fresh as always.
海老と韮入りの蒸し餃子 (鮮蝦韭菜餃)。海老がぷりぷりでとってもジューシー。

The steamed shrimp and chive dumplings.  The skin was very thin and shrimp was succulent and juicy - Love this dumpling!
陳皮牛肉丸 (牛肉団子)。これは、このお店では初めて注文した品ですが、お肉がふわふわ (卵白入り?) で軽~い食感

The beef balls.  We ordered this dish first time at this restaurant - the meat was so light and airy (maybe had whipped egg white?).

This is the bean curd sheet rolls with pork in soup.  It was soooo hot and I burnt my mouth after one bite...
豚肉と海老入りのシュウマイ (蟹黃蝦燒賣)。これはいまいちってことを忘れてまた注文してしまったのですが、やっぱり他のに比べるとあんまりおいしくない。次回こそちゃんと覚えておいて、注文しないようにせねば。

The pork and shrimp dumplings. We knew this dish was not as good as other ones from our previous experience, but I forgot about it and order it again - it was not very good (not bad, but not as good) this time, either.  I'll remember next time not to order it.
カスタードクリーム入りの蒸しパン (香滑奶黃包) を夫に注文してもらったのですが、いつも真ん中にぽちっと付いているピンク色の点がなかったのでおかしいな~と思いながら中を割ってみると...

I wanted to eat steamed custard buns, so my husband ordered it, but the buns we got did not have pink dots on them that we always saw at our previous visits.  I was wondering why, but opened up one of them anyway...

Inside was the bright yellow runny cream, not what I wanted to eat - it turned out that my husband ordered the wrong one which had egg yolk (steamed custerd and egg yolk buns).

I really wanted to eat the custard buns, so I asked my husband to order the correct one.  This time, pink dots were on the buns!

I still prefer this one!!  So satisfied!!

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