Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lunch at Salty Pig

今日は他の用事で来たついでに、近くにあった Salty Pig というレストランで遅めのお昼ご飯を食べました。名前のとおり、豚料理がメインのお店です。

Today we had something to do at Copley Place, and we stopped by at Salty Pig for lunch afterwards.

They offered wide variety of draft beer, and my husband ordered one of the recommended beer by our waiter (he said it tasted bitterer than it looked).
夫はブランチメニューの中から (多分バークシャーポーク) 豚ばら肉のハッシュをオーダー。

My husband ordered the (I believe) Berkshire pork belly hash from the brunch menu. 

The surface of the hash was burned, but the taste was not bad.
このレストランはシャキュトリー (とチーズ) がメインで、たくさんある中から自分で好きなのを選んでプレートを作ることができます。私はイタリア産のポルケッタとバーモント州産の Moses Sleeper という牛のチーズを頼んでみました。お肉もチーズも結構おいしかったです。

The specialty of this restaurant is the charcuterie / cheese.  You can pick ones you like to make your own charcuterie plate.  I chose Italian porchetta and cow milk cheese called "Moses Sleeper" from Vermont.  Both meat and cheese were quite good.

At the end we got the bill was put in a notebook.  Many people wrote messages.  It is conveniently located in Back Bay, and we may visit here after shopping in the future.

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