Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dinner at Pierrot Bistro Français

今日の夕方、病院に来る用事があったので、その後ついでに近くで夕食を食べて帰ることにしました。やってきたのは病院のすぐ向かい側にあるフレンチビストロのお店、Pierrot Bistro Français です。

This evening, I had to come to Massachusetts General Hospital, and decided to had our dinner at the nearby French bistro,  Pierrot Bistro Français (just across from the hospital).
バゲットは結構おいしくて (私的には中はもうちょっと軽くて穴がいっぱい開いてるほうが好みですが) おかわりしてしまいました。

I liked their baguette, especially the outside crust (although I prefer ones  that are lighter and with many holes inside).

I ordered the sautéed mushrooms for an appetizer. I know I can cook this by myself, but still it was good as I love mushrooms.

My husband chose the escargots à la Bourguignonne.  I don't really like escargots themselves, but love buttery, garlic-y sauce of this dish.  So I just dipped my bread into the sauce and ate it.  Very good~.

My main dish was the seafood crepe.

Inside the crepe were seafood (shrimp, squid, etc) and Béchamel sauce which had great flavors from seafood.  It had too much cheese on top which I thought overwhelmed the crepe, but I liked the sauce a lot.  I want to cook this dish at home (with less cheese).

My husband ordered the Magret de Canard (duck breast).

He requested it medium-rare, but it was more like medium-well.  But he still liked it - he said teh meat was very tender.
デザートはグランマニエのスフレ! 2人前からのオーダーなので2人とも同じものを注文しました。熱々でとってもおいしかったのですが、私はおなかいっぱい過ぎて半分残してしまいました。1人前から注文できるといいのにな~。お店はビストロだけあってカジュアルで、お値段もお手ごろなので、これからもたまに訪れたいと思います。

For dessert, we ordered the Grand Marnier soufflé (minimum order was two, so we both ordered the same thing).  It was hot, soft and very tasty.  But I was too full to finish it all and left half of it.  This bistro serves very casual and traditional French cuisine at reasonable prices.  I'd love to come back here and explore other dishes.

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